Last updated: December 22, 2023

Sig Cross 308 Review: Precision and Power of a Modern Hunting Rifle (Winter 2023) is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Last updated: December 22, 2023 is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for
  • Accuracy under hunting or long-range shooting conditions
  • Using different shooting positions while being reliable
  • Shooters wanting AR-type ergonomics from their hunting rifles
Main features
  • Lightweight and compact with foldable buttstock
  • Aluminum body with bolt action operating system
  • AICS magazine type
  • Available in 308 Win 16-inch barrel
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  • Ergonomics
  • Accuracy
  • Value
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Created with input shared by skilled long-ranger shooters, military snipers, and experienced hunters, the SIG Sauer Cross rifle is impressive for modern-age shooters looking for AR-type ergonomics. Not only does it offer impressive performance but this innovative, skeletonized version of a precision hunting bolt-action rifle has become extremely popular in the United States.

Read our Sig Cross 308 review to find out more about this lightweight and compact but highly precise long-range shooting rifle that’s getting plenty of attention. We cover all the features plus reasons why every hunter should consider this modular bolt-action gun. Our pros and cons list summarizes the best and not-so-useful features of the Sig Cross 308 rifle.


three-lug bolt-action centerfire
6.5 Creedmoor (tested), .308 Win.
5-round Magpul AICS-type magazine (included)
Overall Length
36.5–38.5 in.; 27 in. (folded)
6 lb., 8 oz.
aluminum, configurable, folding buttstock; M-Lok compatible free-float handguard; polymer AR- type grip
type III hard-coat black anodized
two-stage match 2 lb., 11 oz. pull (measured)
two-position, AR-type
none; 20-m.o.a. Picatinny optics rail

Overall Performance

Most modern-age hunters agree that the Sig Cross 308 rifle offers above-par performance although it’s not a favorite among long-range shooters who are looking for ultimate precision. This skeletonized bolt action gun comes with great adjustable features, making it easier for the shooter to customize it for individual shooting needs.

Some shooters may find the stock isn’t solid enough for precision shooting as there may be some play in the spring tension which could alter the cheek rest position. Getting used to this unique feature will help you to accommodate it when firing your rifle.

AR-type features make this hunting rifle ergonomically easy to use without compromising on firing reliability and safety. It has an impressive linear recoil path with minimal to zero pressure on the shoulder. It’s doable to reach 1 MOA at 100 yards when the rifle is properly sighted and the shooter has good experience handling this type of rifle.

The gun handles well although its lightness could hamper stability at the point of firing. It has a decent caliber for hunting purposes. Smooth bolt operations improve the performance of this rifle as does the crisp action of the 2-stage trigger. However, shooters used to 1-stage triggers may take some time adjusting to this type.

Safety features are easily accessible, boosting the security performance of this gun.

The Sig Cross 308 rifle’s overall performance is versatile while handling most tasks. Most hunters will find it useful for shooting up to 200 yards with accuracy and the SIG SLX and SLH suppressors offer cutting-edge performance when used with the Cross rifle.

Good Looking, Better Shooting

Sig Cross 308 Review: Precision and Power of a Modern Hunting Rifle (Winter 2023)For modern hunters and long-range or recreational shooters, the skeleton stock of the SIG Cross 16-barrel 308 rifles is visually appealing – that is if you like the tactical look. The black anodized finish is good-looking and contemporary when compared to traditional wood stock rifles. The stainless steel barrel and polymer grip add to the overall modern appearance of the rifle.

Not only do many users of the Sig Cross 308 rifle consider the skeletonized appearance handsome but they rave about shooting accuracy. There’s almost no muzzle jump with minimal pressure on the shoulder with its fitted mod. What’s more, the gun is comfortable to shoot with in various positions whether it’s off-hand from a tripod, or a bench.

Even with muzzle accessories added, it’s not physically demanding making the rifle a pleasure to handle. Better bullet tracing and impact improve the overall shooting experience along with its good precision features, making this hunting rifle a potential option for non-competitive long-range shooters.

The buttstock design appeals to modern hunters who love the sleek look while still benefitting from intuitive features that don’t require tools to manipulate them.

Suppressed Shooting

Sig Cross 308 Review: Precision and Power of a Modern Hunting Rifle (Winter 2023)

The threaded 5/8 x 24 muzzle is compatible with a standard suppressor. However, SIG does recommend using the brand’s suppressor for better shooting performance. But, if you prefer to use your favorite suppressor, you can remove the thread protector that comes with the Cross rifle before fitting your silencer.

To attach your suppressor, you need to spin off the collar which has a square 90-degree shoulder. However, it’s possible to attach a SIG suppressor with the collar still in place. SIG suppressors are known for their lightest signature and monolithic design. They recommend using any of their SLX 762 or SLH 762 silencers for a SIG Cross chambered in .308 for optimal suppressed shooting.

The SLH and SLX range of SIG suppressors use cutting-edge technology and include the new CLUTCH-LOK QO mounting system for maximum sound reduction. Up to 50% of toxic fumes from the ejection port are reduced as well. The Forward-Flux feature reduces blowback which helps to decrease fouling of the rifle.

Action and Magazine

Sig Cross 308 Review: Precision and Power of a Modern Hunting Rifle (Winter 2023)The bolt has a push-feed mechanism with a single extractor claw on the right-hand side and a spring plunger ejector pin on the left lower side. The black steel bolt moves smoothly and has a unique handle with a 90-degree outwardly-facing kink. This allows the 19mm hard-anodized aluminum knob to fit neatly in your shooting hand.

The bolt head is a separate component to the shaft which has seven raceways. The three lugs enable bolt operation with a 60-degree throw. The Cross rifle’s stock is channeled up to the hinge, allowing for a perfect bolt linear stroke with your firing hand while preventing jams at the same time.

Before removing the bolt from the action, the stock needs to be folded. Only then can the release button above the bolt shroud’s cocked action indicator can be activated. The indicator is found at the rear of the action – an unusual location but it works surprisingly well!

SIH Sauer supplies a 5-round Magpul magazine with the SIG Cross 308 rifle and it’s compatible with the AICS mag format. The SIG magazine has a slight slope on the front which allows the shoulder of the last case to lift when pushed forward.

Loading the magazine is simple with single rounds sliding in through the front of the mag. The automated ejection feature is reliable with single rounds dropping into the ejection port and feeding straight into the chamber effortlessly. The bright orange follower indicates when the magazine is empty and the removal catch is easily located close to the front bottom part of the trigger guard.


The compact design of the Sig Cross rifle 308 design is made possible with the folding all-metal skeletonized body. Where it differs from other similar bolt-action rifles, the Cross rifle is lightweight with a streamlined design. All moving components are manually adjustable by hand making it unnecessary to keep a set of Allen keys on standby.

The SIG-proprietary AR-type handguard is standard on all Cross rifle designs and is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable hold. What’s more, it’s circled by scores of M-LOK slots for attaching accessories and comes with a polymer grip for safe handling.

The adjustable cheek rest with its spring tension is a popular feature among fans of this rifle as it can be easily situated for optimal viewing through the scope. All you have to do is release the locking lever on the right-hand side to bring the cheek rest to the top of the height adjustment.

Gently place your cheek onto the rest and press down until you reach a comfortable field of view. Turn the locking lever into the locked position with your shooting hand and you’re all set to go.

The overall length of the 308 16-barrel gun is 36.5 inches while it measures 26 in when folded. It reaches a height of 8 inches with an overall width of 2.9 in. The Cross rifle weighs a light 6.5 lbs. and the M-LOK accessory rail makes for easy attachments. The twist rate is 1 1:10 for the 16-barrel type.

Trigger and Safety

Sig Cross 308 Review: Precision and Power of a Modern Hunting Rifle (Winter 2023)

With its 2-stage match unit, the trigger is most suitable for hunting rifles, breaking at 1,100gr/39oz. The trigger blade is unique in that it’s almost straight but this fits in with the overall design of the gun’s framework. It’s adjustable with Allen screws easily accessible in front of the trigger blade, making it possible for the shooter to find the right fit.

The AR-type safety catch is also easily accessible with an ambidextrous thumb lever located above the AR-15-type grip. Using your shooting hand’s thumb, you can flick the safety catch quickly from the vertical position for fire and horizontal for safe use. However, the safety catch doesn’t lock the bolt.

With firearm safety Trusted Source Firearm Safety The six basic safety rules are the foundational rules for gun safety. However, there are additional safety points that must not be overlooked. Firearm Safety being the number one priority for all gun handlers, it’s a given that rifles should always be treated as if they’re loaded. It’s useful to know that the Cross rifle can’t fire while folded with the stock folding 180 degrees to the right before locking into position.

In this position, the bolt handle is enclosed through the cutout under the comb. The bolt’s sliding motion is impeded by the hinge mechanism when the rifle isn’t completely straight on opening.


The aluminum buttstock is foldable, making it ideal for carrying in a backpack. Sig paid a lot of attention to the folding mechanism, ensuring that it’s reliable and simple. By pressing the button on the steel hinge mechanism, the buttstock swings open and locks when it straightens out and is in place.

A steel hinge pin is used to join the butt and the receiver while steel jaws bolt the hinge. You don’t need to worry about the hinge coming loose during firing – it closes firmly enough to prevent this from happening with zero play.

The recoil pad on the stock isn’t uncomfortably hard with slots around the edge giving it more pliability. Its solid center offers good recoil transfer with a 70mm vertical travel along the steel carrier. The sling carrier anchor point is located just above the recoil pad and can be flipped left or right for easy carrying over the shoulder.

The slender rifle comb includes manual height adjustments – no tools are needed here! When the locking lever is pressed down, the comb springs upwards to its full height and has 25mm of travel. Place the rifle in the firing position before using your cheek to push down the comb until you reach your ideal field of view through the scope.  You can now lock it in place by lifting the locking lever.

The distance from the trigger to the end of the stock reaches between 325mm and 375mm with simple adjustments made possible with a S-shaped thumbscrew similar to a wing nut. Most shooters find the length of pull reasonable, especially when the LOP can be easily adjusted for more comfort by unlocking the shaft to slide the butt-plate effortlessly.

Another nifty feature is a small button located on the right side of the buttpad which, when released, allows the user to vertically adjust the pad.  Below the toe of the stock is a 3.5-inch polymer foot with a radius bottom – this is ideal for placing the rifle on a rear bag.



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Foldable stock for easy carrying and packing
  • Excellent accuracy for hunting
  • Can be comfortably used in various shooting positions
  • Easy to operate and shoot
  • Easy-to-use ergonomics
  • No tools required for adjustable features
  • Well-priced with great features
  • Aluminum body is cold to the touch
  • Bodywork gets noisy when moving through scrubby areas
  • Not as stable as heavier-built hunting rifles
  • Not the best for long-range shooting precision
  • Limited ammo choice

Final Thoughts

The SIG Cross 308 rifle is considered a winner for most hunters who want a hunting gun that’s useful in the field. It has admirable easy-to-use features and its tactical appearance appeals to modern-age shooters looking for an AR-type hunting rifle.

Use our Sig Cross 308 review to give you all the details you need plus an honest take on the pros and cons of owning this rifle. We rate its overall performance as exceptional, especially when you factor in the innovative features used to enhance the shooting dynamics of this gun. With its realistic hunting shooting potential, you can’t go far wrong with the SIG Cross 308 rifle!


Firearm Safety
The six basic safety rules are the foundational rules for gun safety. However, there are additional safety points that must not be overlooked.
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