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Gun Schematics by Make and Model

C and D

C3A1 Sniper Rifle None Dakota Arms Revolver
Carbine M 1   Dan Wesson Revolver
Charter Arms AR 7    
Charter Arms Explorer    
Colt 22 Target Late Model    
Colt 2000 Double Action    
Colt Anaconda Revolver    
Colt Civil War Centennial    
Colt Cobra Old Style    
Colt Colteer    
Colt Commander    
Colt Courier    
Colt Detective Special Stainless    

Colt Gold Cup

Colt Junior    
Colt MK III    
Colt Mark IV    
Colt Model 57    
Colt 1851 Navy    
Colt 1860 Army    
Colt 1902 Pocket    
Colt 1903 - 32 Caliber    
Colt 1903 - 380 Caliber    
Colt Model S    
Colt New Frontier    
Colt Python    
Colt Scout    
Colt Single Action Army Model 1873    
Colt Single ActionArmy 2nd Generation    
Colt Stage Coach    
Colt Woodsman