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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
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M and N
Machine Gun Kelly Millard Duell None Nathan Twining
Maharajah of Jepore Milton Davis   Nelson Lewis
Major General John Fremont Milton Lantham   Nelson Miles
Malcolm Lincoln Miguel Mujica Gallo   N. Garaz and Joe Peria
Manuel Diez de Bonilla Miquel Otero   N.H. Gillett
M. Keyes M.J. Larson   Nick Adams
Marbles Game Getter M.L. Roberts   Norm Flayderman
Marcelino Baca M. Norris   Norman Ramsey
Marcelo Alvear M.P. Mitchell   Norton McGriffin
Marcelo De Alvear Mohender Bahadoor   N.R. Webster
Marion Melgarejo Morrill, Mosman & Blair   N.S. Burnham
Marion P. Maus Moses Dickson   N.T. Chipman
Mark Wildes Moses Kinsey   N. Wood
Marlin Exhibition Grade Carbine Mrs. Howell Cobb    
Marshall Carter M.S. Browning    
Marshall Biggs M.T. Gonzaullas    
Martin Mroz Muragaki    
Martin Zarkovich Murray Peterson    
Marvin Rutan      
Matt Kimes      
Maurice Bale      
Maurice Rose      
Maury Nichols      
Max Fleishmann      
Mexican National Rail Road      
M.C. Foley      
Memphis Police Dept      
M.E. Trejo      
Metropolitan Fair      
Michael Spangler      
M.J. Bough      
Military Inspectors - Antique      
Military Inspectors - Modern      
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