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Firearms - Manufactuers - Information - Pictures
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Q and R

Quackenbush Bicycle Rifle None None Reid Single Shot
Queen Single Shot Derringer     Remington 1861 Revolvers
      Remington 1867 Cadet Rifle
      Remington 1867 Navy Carbines
      Remington Beals Model Army & Navy
      Remington Beals Model Rifle
      Remington Beals Pocket Models
      Remington Cane Guns
      Remington Conversions of Models 1861 & 1863
      Remington Double Action Belt Models
      Remington Double Barrel Muzzle Loading Shotgun
      Remington Double Derringer
      Remington Elliot's Derringer
      Remington Hepburn No. 3 Sporting Rifles
      Remington High Hammer Sporting Rifle
      Remington Iroquois Pocket Revolver
      Remington Keene Magazine Rifle
      Remington Lebel Rifle
      Remington Lee Magazine Rifle
      Remington Light Baby Carbine
      Remington Mosin Nagent Rifle
      Remington Mark III Flare Gun
      Remington Model 1 1/2 Sporting Rifle
      Remington Model 2 Sporting Rifle
      Remington Model 4 & Military 4S
      Remington Model 5 Rifles
      Remington Model 6 Falling Block
      Remington Model 7 Rolling Block
      Remington Model 16
      Remington Model 51
      Remington Model 1868 Bolt Action Rifle
      Remington Model 1875
      Remington Model 1882 & 1883 Shotgun
      Remington Model 1888
      Remington Model 1890
      Remington Model 1893 Shotgun
      Remington Muzzle Loading Shotgun
      Remington New Model Pocket Revolver
      Remington New Model Police Revolver
      Remington New Model S.A. Belt Revolver
      Remington Revolving Rifle
      Remington Rider Magazine Pistol
      Remington Rider Pocket Models
      Remington Rider Single Shot Pistol
      Remington Rolling Block New Yok Contract
      Remington Rolling Block Pistols
      Remington Rolling Block Rifles & Carbines
      Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifle
      Remington Single Shot Derringer
      Remington Smoot Revolvers
      Remington Split Breech Carbine
      Remington Vest Pocket
      Remington Whitmore Shotguns
      Remington Zig Zag Derringer
      Remington Zouave Rifle
      Robbins & Lawrence
      Robinson Magazine Breech Loading
      Rodier Derringer
      Roger & Spencer Revolver
      Rollin White
      Rollin White Breech Loading
      Rollin White Pocket Pistols
      Roper Pistol
      Roper Revolving Shotguns & Rifles
      Roper Rifle & Shotgun Serials
      Ruger Bearcat
      Ruger Blackhawk 44
      Ruger Blackhawk 44 Super
      Ruger Blackhawk 45
      Ruger Blackhawk Flattop
      Ruger Blackhawk Old Models
      Ruger Hawkeye
      Ruger Model GS 32
      Ruger Model kgpfny841
      Ruger Single Six
      Ruger Single Six Engraved
      Ruger Super Single Six
      Rupertus Single Shot Pistol
      Rupertus Single Shot Rifle
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