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Firearms - Manufactuers - Information - Pictures
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O and P

Oklahoma Tire Co None None Palmetto, Premier, Woolco, Widgeon, Klein, Talo
O.K. Marlin Derringer     Parker 4 Shot
Olympics 1912 Savage Pistols     Peabody Martini Action
O. S. Cummings Revolver     Peabody Rifles, Carbines
Osgood & Townsend Harmonica Rifle     Peavey Clasp Knife Pistol
Osgood Duplex Revolver     Pecare & Smith
Otis Smith Pocket Revolver     Peck & Grilley Conversion
      Percival & Smith Magazine Pistol
      Perplex Tear Gas Gun
      Perry & Goodard Derringer
      Perry Single Shot Pistol
      Pieper Volley Gun
      Plant Firearms & Merwin & Bray
      Pointer Derringer
      Polemus Knife Pistol
      Police Dept Marked Guns
      Pope Bros Air Pistol
      Porter Turret Rifle
      Pratt Burglar - Animal Gun
      Prescott Pistol Co
      Protection Pocket Revolver
      P.W. Porter
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