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Firearms - Manufactuers - Information - Pictures
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A and B

Aaron C. Vaughn Revolvers
Baby Hammerless & Pocket Revolvers
A.B. Fairbanks Belt pistol     Bacon Arms Cartridge Conversion
A.B. Fairbanks Target Pistol     Bacon Arms Co
Abram Gibson Revolvers     Bacon Double Action Bar Hammer
Adirondack Arms Co     Bacon Ring Trigger
Aetna Arms Co     Bacon Ring Trigger All Metal
Albert Parker Revolver     Bacon Single Action
Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer     Bacon Under Hammer SS
Allen & Thurber Double Shotguns & Rifles    
Barton & Jenkins Test Rifle
Allen & Thurber Grafton     Bay State Arms Co
Allen & Thurber Pepperbox     Benjamin Joslyn Revolver
Allen & Thurber Punt or Market Guns     Bismark Pocket Revolver
Allen & Thurber Whaling Gun     Bliss & Goodyear Revolver
Allen & Thurber Worcester     Blunt & Syms Bar Hammer
Allen & Wheelock Cartridge Conversion     Blunt & Syms Double Barrel
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Navy     Blunt & Syms Ring Trigger
Allen& Wheelock Center Hammer LF Navy     Blunt & Syms Single Shot Pistol
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Rifle     Blunt & Syms Side Hammer
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer SS 22     Blunt & Syms Target Pistol
Allen & Wheelock Combo Rifle Shotgun     Blunt & Syms Underhammer
Allen & Wheelock Drop Breech Rifle     Bruce & Davis Double Barrel Pistol
Allen & Wheelock Lip Fire     Bonnie Blue Derringer
Allen & Wheelock Lip Fire Army     Boom Pocket Revolver
Allen & Wheelock Lip Fire Revolving Rifle     Boss Derringer
Allen & Wheelock Percussion     Brass Shot Shells
Allen & Wheelock Percussion Revolving     Brettell & Frisbie Revolver
Allen & Wheelock Pocket Model     Briggs Derringer
Allen & Wheelock Providence Police     Brooklyn Arms Co
Allen & Wheelock Rim Fire     Brown, Southern, Merrimack Arms
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer 22     Buffington Trial Rifle 1878
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer Breech Load     Butterfield Army Revolver
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer LF Pocket      
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer Pocket      
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer Rifle      
Allen & Wheelock Single Shot Center Hammer      
All Right Firearms Co      
American Arms Co      
American Arms Co - Modern      
American Centerfire Cartridges      
American Gun Makers (350 pages)      
American Percussion Cartridges      
Austin Freeman Revolver      
Baby Hammerless & Pocket Revolvers      
Bacon Arms Cartridge Conversion      
Bacon Arms Co      
Bacon Double Action Bar Hammer      
Bacon Ring Trigger      
Bacon Ring Trigger All Metal      
Bacon Single Action      
Bacon Under Hammer SS      
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