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Tom Mix was born on January 6, 1880 in Mix Run, Pennsylvania . He was a Cowboy, Wild West performer, Rodeo Champion, Stuntman and Movie star in the early days of Western films .This pair of guns have 6 inch barrels are heavily engraved and are gold washed with mother of pearl grips with gold medallions and engraved German silver trim at the bottom of the grips at the butt stock and have the words in bold block letters : TOM MIX on the back straps. Both guns are matching and were presented as a pair . Tom mixed died in a car accident on October 12, 1940 .
** These fine guns now reside at the Museum of fine arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

Model 94
Saddle ring carbine
This gun was Tom Mix's personal rifle, the gun has TOM MIX in 3/8 inch high letters on the receiver with 101 Ranch below his name The gun is in 32 W. S. Caliber

92 Rifle

This gun has a gold washed inscription on the right side that reads : MILLER BROS 101 RANCH / ZACH - GEORGE - JOE / PRESENTED TO TOM MIX / JAN. 9 1909 BLISS OKLAHOMA . This is a deluxe model 92 with a pistol grip stock with checkered wood, checkered steel butt plate, hard rubber pistol grip cap. The 101 ranch owners had this gun modified from a standard rifle to deluxe version for this presentation.

Model 90

This over and under 20 gauge shotgun which is elaborately engraved with cowboy scenes. The right full panel has " TOM MIX " in gold surrounded with cowboy hat, engraved single action, and belt and holster rig . This gun was presented to " Tom Mix " by Marlin Gun Company for his support of Marlin's gun handling and safety program and for promoting the Model 100-S "Tom Mix Special " 22 Rifle.

Model 1873
This gun was presented to Tom Mix by W. Weinberger who owned the Blue Belle Saloon in Gutherie, Oklahoma.

Colt Model
This gun was presented to Tom Mix by Colt Firearms Company. This gun has a silver finish, pearl grips. The left side of the gun is is inscribed as follows: "TOM MIX".

Smith & Wesson
Hand Ejector

This gun is inscribe on the back strap :"Tom Mix". This gun is in 32 caliber with a 3 1/4 inch barrel, blue finish, hard rubber grips. This gun was removed from a 1940 Cord Roadster by Ray W. Johnson of Florence, Arizona who worked for the State of Arizona Highway Department. The 1940 Cord Roadster was driven by Movie Star Tom Mix who was killed instantly. Johnson and other workers removed Mix's body from the destroyed Cord and recovered the S&W revolver from the wreckage.

Winchester Model
1892 Carbine

This Winchester 1892 carbine was used by Tom Mix in the movie Miracle Rider and several other movies he appeared in, as well as in several wild west shows.
Colt Super

Colt Super 38 Automatic Pistol, Belonging to Famed Actor and 101 Ranch Cowboy Tom Mix, with Gold-Inlaid TM Monogram on Steerhead Ivory Grips c.1940 in .38 Super cal., 5" barrel, blued, ivory grips, the left panel gold-inlaid with large TM monogram in style of ranch brand, the panel relief-carved with steerhead motif. Tom Mix was a lover of fine race horses and betting at the track. He befriended famed racing jockey Billy Pearson to whom he gave this pistol.


Tom Mix (January 6th 1880)-began his career as a rodeo cowboy, starred in the Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch Wild West Show, and became internationally famous as a western film star-than for an actor to be a cowboy! He became an accomplished horseman, roper, and bronco buster, and could even compete in bulldogging. Further, he was an expert shot with rifle and pistol, and a deadly thrower of knives. His penchant for fancy clothes, fast cars, fine guns and racy women helped to make him a tabloid and cinema favorite. A true legend in the annals of film, and one of the superstars of the Western, Mix's fame has survived intact into the 21st century, and his fascination to arms collectors is particularly significant. He was a collector and shooter who was an accomplished marksman. He deeply appreciated fine guns. His fascination with deluxe firearms .

* Tom Mix is buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA.
** It is unknown if these guns were factory engraved and finished

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