WM. E. Petty
Sergeant Police Department New York.
Director of Marksmanship training.
Presentation -- New Service Revolver



New Service


This new service revolver was manufactured in 1901 in 44 Russian caliber, 7 1/2 inch barrel, blue finish, checkered walnut grips, factory engraved by Cuno Helfrich and a gold inlaid inscription on the left side of the frame that reads "Wm. E. PETTY / THE WORLDS RECORD / SCORE 908". Petty was one of the best 20 yard target shooters in the United States in the early 1900's. When Roosevelt was appointed as the police commissioner of New York City he promoted Petty a New York police officer to the rank of sergeant and and placed him in charge of the New York police department's marksmanship training program. The gun was shipped to Wm Petty direct from Colt on April 11, 1901.


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