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101 Ranch Hank Monk Remington Revolving Rifle
A. Allee Harley J. Earl Remington Rider Magazine Pistol
A.A. Patton Harmon Fife Revolver Remington Rider Pocket Models
Aaron C. Vaughn Revolvers Harold Kline Remington Rider Single Shot Pistol
A.B.C. Jones Harold Richards Remington Rolling Block New Yok Contract
Abe Lefton Harrington Richardson Remington Rolling Block Pistols
A.B. Fairbanks Belt pistol Harrington Richardson Double Action Revolvers Remington Rolling Block Rifles & Carbines
A.B. Fairbanks Target Pistol Harrington Richardson Handy Gun Remington Rolling Block Sporting Rifle
Abraham Lincoln Harrington Richardson Rifles Remington Single Shot Derringer
Abram Gibson Revolvers Harrington Richardson Semi Auto Pistols Remington Smoot Revolvers
A. Cutler Harrington Richardson Shotguns Remington Split Breech Carbine
A.D. Andrews Harrington Richardson Single Shot Remington Vest Pocket
Adirondack Arms Co Harrington Richardson Trade Names Remington Whitmore Shotguns
Adolph Hitler Harrington Richardson Trade Names2 Remington Zig Zag Derringer
Adolph Topperwein Harrington Volley Gun Remington Zouave Rifle
Aetna Arms Co Harrison Hamer R.E. Nice
A. Fred Lins Harry Hill Bandholtz Rex Allen
A.F. Spies Harry Truman Rex Trailer
A.G. Spearth Haviland & Gunn R. Hertel
A.H. Bogardus Hawthorne Firearms Richard Byrd
A.H. Hardy H.B. Hitchings Richard Garvey
A.J. Kinsley H.C. Cassidy Richard Gatling
Akin Film Service H.C. Fay Richard Neff
Albert Foster H. C. Lombard Pistol Richard Nixon
Albert J. Goodbrod H.D. Polhemus Richard S. Havourd
Albert Jones H.D. Townsend Richard Sylvester
Albert Parker Revolver H.D.W. Pawling Richard Tanner
Al Capone Heck Thomas R.J. Toplis
Al DeJohn Hellinghaus R.K. House
Alexander 2nd Hellinghaus Pocket Pistol R.L. Gibson
Alexander Caldwell Helmut Gommlich R.L. Higgens
Alex Cord Henry Brown R. N. Lambert
Alf Landan Henry Cannon Robbie Adams
Alfonse Malin Henry Crofut Robbins & Lawrence
Al Graz Manuel Gonzales Henry Deringer Robert Anderson
A.L. Hough Henry Ellenger Robert Coleman
Allen A. Butler Henry Ford Robert Fauntleroy
Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Henry Himmler Robert Ford
Allen & Thurber Double Shotguns & Rifles Henry H. Mathias Robert Kain
Allen & Thurber Grafton Henry Kellogg Robert Kingsbury
Allen & Thurber Pepperbox Henry Lehmann Robert Phillips
Allen & Thurber Punt or Market Guns Henry Repeating Arms Robert Ross
Allen & Thurber Whaling Gun Henry Saunders Roberts Patent
Allen & Thurber Worcester Henry Slotterbeck Robert Stack
Allen & Wheelock Cartridge Conversion Henry Snow Robert Sutherland
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Navy Henry Starr Robert West
Allen& Wheelock Center Hammer LF Navy Henry Wise Robinson Magazine Breech Loading
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Rifle Herbert Hagerman Rodier Derringer
Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer SS 22 Herb Glass Rodolfo Moctezuma
Allen & Wheelock Combo Rifle Shotgun Hercules, Kresege, K-Mart, Thunderbolt, Kroydon, Mossberg Roe Clark
Allen & Wheelock Drop Breech Rifle Herff Carnes Roger & Spencer Revolver
Allen & Wheelock Lip Fire Herman Bendel Rollin White
Allen & Wheelock Lip Fire Army Herman Goring Rollin White Breech Loading
Allen & Wheelock Lip Fire Revolving Rifle Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett Rollin White Pocket Pistols
Allen & Wheelock Percussion Hino-Komuro Romeo Borromey
Allen & Wheelock Percussion Revolving H.M. Hoskins Ronald Reagan
Allen & Wheelock Pocket Model H.M. Morse Ron Urban
Allen & Wheelock Providence Police H.M. Ridley Roper Pistol
Allen & Wheelock Rim Fire H.M.W. Roper Revolving Shotguns & Rifles
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer 22 Homer Knight Roper Rifle & Shotgun Serials
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer Breech Load Hood Firearms Co Roswell Ripley
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer LF Pocket Hoot Gibson Royal Nizam of Hyderabad
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer Pocket Hopkins Allen Company Roy Gordon
Allen & Wheelock Side Hammer Rifle Hopkins & Allen Derringer Roy Hardesty
Allen & Wheelock Single Shot Center Hammer Hopkins & Allen Pocket Revolver Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum
All Right Firearms Co Hopkins & Allen Revolver Roy Scates
Alponio Sena Horatio Eaton R. Smith
Al Spencer Horatio Seymour Rufus McKay
Alvin Karpis Howard Russell Rufus Thompson
Ambercrombie & Fitch Howard Wagner Ruger Bearcat
Ambrose Burnside Howard Young Ruger Blackhawk 44
Ambrose Piersch H.P. Myton Ruger Blackhawk 44 Super
American Arms Co H. Reding Ruger Blackhawk 45
American Arms Co - Modern H.T. Alexander Ruger Blackhawk Flattop
American Centerfire Cartridges H.T. Lowery Ruger Blackhawk Old Models
American Gun Makers (350 pages) Hubble Sporting Rifle Ruger Hawkeye
American Percussion Cartridges Hubertus Air Pistol Ruger Model GS 32
Amos Price Hugh A. Cook Ruger Model kgpfny841
A.M. Stanwix Hunt Repeating Rifle Ruger Single Six
Andrew Porter Hyram Wicks Ruger Single Six Engraved
Andrew Cannon Ian Fleming Ruger Super Single Six
Andrus Naedle Ike Lewis Rupertus Single Shot Pistol
Andy Adams

I.M. Lawrence

Rupertus Single Shot Rifle
Angel Martinez Inaki Michaux Russell Smith
Anheuser Busch Co Indian Arms Co Sadie Orchard
Annie Oakley Ingersoll Line Gun Said Pacha
A.O. Larkin Ira Paine Samuel Barker
Antoine Canazos Irvin McDowell Samuel Bowls
Antoine Vollombrosa Iver Johnson Arms Sam Boyd
Antonio Caballero IXL Revolvers Sam Clemens
Archibald Rogers Jack Childress Samuel Colt
Archibald Rogers (2nd File) Jack Crawford Samuel Colt Personal
Archibald Smith Jack Greathouse Samuel F. Cody
Arnold Goodwin Jack Lord Samuel G. Colt
Artemus Wheeler Jack O'Connor Samuel L. Hart
Arthur A. Carvalho Jackson Parker Samuel Jackson
Arthur Lee Jack White Samuel Mather
Arthur Primeaux Jacob Rupertus Cartridge Arms Samuel Newhouse
Arthur Stuckert Jacob Rupertus Revolver Satella Stevens
Arthur Ulrich Jacob Shaw Samuel Stone
Arthur Wallender James B. Hume S.A. Tucker
A. Ruggles James Bowen Savage & North Figure 8
A.T. Edwards James Brock Savage Model 1907
A. Tyner James Carr Savage Revolving Firearms
Audie Murphy James Colosimo S. Cody
Augustenens Marietta James E. Crawley S.C Winegard
Augustine James E. Davis Seldon Lindsey
Augustus Durant James Empey Serafin Barela
Austin Freeman Revolver James Fox S. Fischer
A.W. Dodge James Freeman Curtis Sharps Altered by Springfield
A. Welch James Gage Sharps Breech Loading Percussion Pistol
A.W. Grant James Garfield Sharps Freund Modified Rifles
A. Wilson James Gillette Sharps & Hankin Model 1862 Carbine
A.W. Spies James Gleason Sharps Model 1849 Rifle
B.A. Angle James McFarland Sharps Model 1850 Rifle
Baby Hammerless & Pocket Revolvers James McPherson Sharps Model 1851 Carbine
Bacon Arms Cartridge Conversion James Nickerson Sharps Model 1852 Carbine
Bacon Arms Co James Pinkerton Sharps Model 1853 Carbine
Bacon Double Action Bar Hammer James Reid Knuckle Dusters Sharps Model 1855 British
Bacon Ring Trigger James Smith Sharps Model 1855 Carbine
Bacon Ring Trigger All Metal James T. Ames Sharps Model 1859, 1863, 1865
Bacon Single Action James Thomas Brudenell Sharps Model 1859, 1863, 1865 Conversions
Bacon Under Hammer SS James Toliver Sharps Model 1874
Barry Goldwater James Towley Sharps Model 1877
Bartemus Brooks James Turney Sharps Model 1878
Barton & Jenkins Test Rifle James Warner Belt Revolver Sharps Percussion Revolver
Bass Outlaw James Warner Derringer Sharps Pistol Rifle
Battleship Maine James Warner Pocket Revolver Sharps, Sharps & Hankin Pepperboxes
Bat Masterson James Warner Pocket Model Revolver Shattluck Revolvers & Derringers
Bay State Arms Co James Warner Single Shot Derringer Shawk & Mclanahan Revolver
B. Buckner James Wayne Sid Fogel
Belle Starr James Wilson S.I. Kellog
Ben Holladay James W. Marshall Silas Bent
Benito Ortega Japanese Type 26 Revolver Silas Crispin Revolver
Benjamin Bredin Jarre Harmonica Pistol Sile, Simmons, Smith&Wesson, Shapleighs, Ted Williams, Revelation
Benjamin Joslyn Revolver Jarre Volley Pistol Simmons Hardware Guard Guns
Ben Kilpatrick J.A. Ryan Simon Cameron
Ben McCulloch J.A. Thacker Sinclair Walbridge
Ben Stalker J. Atuater Sitting Bull
Bethlehem Iron Company J.B. Clement Smith Bateman
B.F. Hilt J. Burrow Smiley Burnett
B.F. Longstreet J. B. Van Hagen Smith & Wesson 32 Auto
B. Fowler J.C. Anderson Smith & Wesson Baby Russian
Bill Banning J.C. Rogers Smith & Wesson Double Action
Bill Decker J. Dart Smith & Wesson Double Action 32-20
Bill Donovan J.D. Butler Smith & Wesson Double Action 38
Bill Doolin J.D. O'Keefe Smith & Wesson Double Action 44
Bill Fossett J.D. O'Meara Smith & Wesson First Model Revolver
Bill Goyette J. Eagle Vaughan Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector
Bill Hickock J. Edgar Hoover Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector Double Action
Bill Jordan Jefferson Davis Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector Triple Lock
Billings Derringer Jefferson Davis Family Smith & Wesson Lady Smith
Bill McCauley Jefferson Smith Smith & Wesson Mark II 455 Hand Ejector
Billy the Kid Jeff Kidders Smith & Wesson Mexican Model
Bismark Pocket Revolver Jeff Milton Smith & Wesson Military Police
Black Bart J.E. Martin Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2
Blair Taylor Jennings Rifle Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2 Single Action
Bliss & Goodyear Revolver Jeremiah Peck Smith & Wesson Model 2
Blunt & Syms Bar Hammer J.E. Signor Smith & Wesson Model 3 Target
Blunt & Syms Double Barrel Jesse Butterfield Smith & Wesson Model 3 Turkish
Blunt & Syms Ring Trigger Jesse James Smith & Wesson Model 1903
Blunt & Syms Single Shot Pistol Jesse Perez Smith & Wesson New Departure
Blunt & Syms Side Hammer Jess Sweeten Smith & Wesson New Departure 38
Blunt & Syms Target Pistol J.F. Gillin Smith & Wesson New Frontier
Blunt & Syms Underhammer J.F.K. Mansfield Smith & Wesson New Model 3
Bruce & Davis Double Barrel Pistol J. Granados Smith & Wesson Perfect Model
Bob Christian J. Gray Smith & Wesson Schofield
Bob Dalton J. Hapgood Agent Smith & Wesson Single Action
Bob Lacy J. H. Fitzgerald Smith & Wesson SA Second & Third
Bob Ollinger J.H. Merrill Smith & Wesson Single Shot Pistols
Bonnie Blue Derringer J.H. Newberry Smith & Wesson Straight Line Pistol
Bonnie Parker J.H. Wheeler Smith & Wesson Volcanic Pistols
Boom Pocket Revolver Jim Miller Smith Jennings Repeating Rifle
Boots Jeffers Jimmy Wakely Sneider 2 Cylinder Revolver
Boss Derringer J.J. Dent Sol West
Brace Beemer J.J. Flynn Spaulding & Fisher
Brass Shot Shells J.J. Henry Percussion Pistol Spencer Pocket Revolver
Brettell & Frisbie Revolver J.J. Nance Springfield Navy Gun
Briggs Derringer J.J. Reeb Elephant Gun Springfield Pocket Revolver
Brooklyn Arms Co J. Malin Springfield Revolvers
Brown, Southern, Merrimack Arms J.M. Whitney Stafford Derringer
Bryan Sanders Joe Bodrie Starr Derringer
Bryce Poe Joe Davis Starr Revolvers
Bub Meeks Joe Dimaggio Star Vest Pocket Derringer
Buck Garrett Joe Hardwich Steve Stimpson
Buck Jones Joe Hershon Stevens Conlin Model
Bud Brown Joel McAdams Stevens Crack Shot
Buffalo Bill Cody Joe Metzler Stevens Crack Shot 26 & 26 1/2
Buffington Trial Rifle 1878 Joe Parr Stevens Deringer 22
Burton Mossman John Baird Stevens Deringer 41
Butterfield Army Revolver John Barnwell Stevens Diamond Model
Butterfield Winchester Model 66 John B. Felton Stevens Favorite
B.W. Lamar John Bridges Stevens Featherweight
Caldwell Colt John Brown Stevens Gallery 80
Calvin Coolidge John Browning Stevens Gem Pocket
Cane Gun 1 John Burns Stevens Gould Model
Captain Edward Ward John Clum Stevens Ideal Removable Side Plate
Captain Feilding John Conline Stevens Junior 11
Captain Fred Dodge John Conover Stevens Ladies Favorite
Carl Hayden John Considine Stevens Lever Action 425
Carlos Gove John Creswell Stevens Little Krag
C.B. Allen Elgin Knife Pistol John Crittenden Stevens Little Scout
C.B. Holden Single Shot Rifles John Cross Stevens Little Scout 14 1/2
C. Boetticher John Dillinger Stevens Lord Model 36
C.E. Gennerich John Dodge Stevens Marksman 12
Charles A. Farnsworth John Dumont Stevens Maynard
Charles Albert John Dunn Stevens Model 044 1/2 Rifle
Charles Billings Knife Pistol John Ferguson Stevens Model 10
Charles Breckenridge John Floyd Stevens Model 34
Charles Buss Revolver John Fremont Stevens Model 34 1/2
Charles Cornelius John Gray Stevens Model 35
Charles Cutter John Gregg Stevens Model 39 Pocket Rifle
Charles Gabriel John Guthrie Stevens Model 40 Pocket Rifle
Charles Garrgotta John Hall Stevens Model 40 1/2 Pocket Rifle
Charles Heckman John Hargate Stevens Model 41
Charles Holbrook John Hayes Stevens Model 44
Charles Holbrook 2 John H. Batten Stevens Model 44 1/2
Charles Holden John Heath Stevens Model 45 Range Rifle
Charles Hughes John Heed Stevens Model 46 Range Rifle
Charles Kelly John Hegeman Stevens Model 47 Range Rifle
Charles Lesh John H. Turnstall Stevens Model 48 Range Rifle
Charles Loud John Hughes Stevens Model 49 Walnut Hill
Charles M. Allen John Kellenberger Stevens Model 50
Charles Miller John Kennedy Stevens Model 51
Charles Milliken John L. Ennis Stevens Model 52
Charles O'Regan John Lindsay 2 Shot Derringer Stevens Model 54
Charles Ostrum John Major Stevens Model 55
Charles Patterson John McKenney Stevens Model 56
Charles Sawtelle John Miller Stevens Model 404
Charles Snyder John M. Olin Stevens Model 414
Charles Stockbridge John Moran Stevens New Model Pocket
Charles Warner Revolver John Nance Garner Stevens New Model Vernier
Charles Windolph Johnnie Johnson Stevens Old Pocket Model
Charley Hanks Johnny Baker Stevens Pocket Rifle
Charlie Pitts Johnny Cash Stevens Reliable Model
Charlie Reynolds John Patton Story Stevens Single Shot Third Type
Charlie Utter John Pelletier Stevens Six Inch Pocket Model
C. H. Ballard Derringer John P. Jones Stevens Sure Shot
Cherokee Bill John P. Moore Stevens Taxidermist Shotgun
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal John Reno Stevens Three Trigger
Chester Nimitz John Poe Stevens Tip Up Rifles
Chester Smith John Rice Stevens Tip Up Shotgun
Chicago Palm Pistol John Ringo Stevens Vest Pocket
Chick Moss Gang John Ryan Stevens Visible Loader 70
Chris Madsen John Ryerson St Joseph & Salt Lake Mail Co
Christiana Hull John Selman Stocking & Co Shotgun Hammer
Christian Sharps John Shelby Stocking & Co SS Pistol
Christopher Brand John Slaughter Suicide Specials
Civil War Inscribed Guns 1-20 John Taliferro Thompson Sultan of Turkey
Civil War Inscribed Guns 21-40 John Trumball Sumner Carruth
Civil War Inscribed Guns 41-60 John Walch Revolver S.W. Marston Swivel Breech
Civil War Inscribed Guns 61-80 John Webb Sylvester Bliss
Civil War Inscribed Guns 81-100 John Wesley Hardin Tandy Walker
Civil War Inscribed Guns 100-120 John Woofter Tear of Gettysburg
Civil War Inscribed Guns 120-140 John Y. Nelson Teddy Roosevelt
Civil War Inscribed Guns 140-160 Jonas Rice T.E. Denel
Civil War Inscribed Guns 160-180 Joseph Gannon Terry Derringer
Clark Gable Joseph Grubb Terry Nichols
Claudius King Joseph Hutch Stevens Teton Jackson
Clay Cooper Joseph Lipari Texas Jack
Clayton Moore Joseph Luckadoe Texas Rangers
Clell Miller Joseph Riling Texas Rangers DPW
C.L.F. Robinson Joseph R. Weston Tex Rickard
Clint Peoples Joseph Somers Thomas Bacon Firearms
Clyde Barrow Joseph Spencer Thomas Barton
Coast Alden United Merchant Jose Ruiz Thomas Bull Dewees
Cochran Turret Revolver Josiah Ells Pocket Revolver Thomas Butler
Cole Younger Joslyn Single Shot Pistol Thomas Cooper
Colonel Cairpe Joslyn Tomes Breech Loading Rifle Thomas Dakin
Colonel Candido Randon J.P. Donohoe Thomas Dewes
Colonel Gzowski J.P. Freeman Thomas Dixon
Colonel O'Mahoney J.P. McNamara Thomas Eakins
Colt 1848 Baby Dragoon J.P. Schenkl Single Shot Rifle Thomas Gardner
Colt 1849 Pocket Model J.R. Burton Thomas Jeffords
Colt 1851 Navy Model J.R. Comer Thomas Mayall Revolver
Colt 1855 Rifles J.S. Marmaduke Thomas Mathiesen
Colt 1855 Root Model Juan Gomez Thomas Nunan
Colt 1860 Army Juan Ribolledo Williams Thomas Ruger
Colt 1861 Navy Revolver Jubal Early Thomas Seymour
Colt 1861 Navy Conversion Judge Roy Bean Thomas Stevens
Colt 1861 Special Musket J. Walter Durbin Thord Hallstorm Gray
Colt 1862 Navy J.W. Beekman Thos Lee Hood
Colt 1862 Police J. Wilson Threll Reed
Colt 1878 Double Barrel Shotgun J.X. Biedler Thurman Baldwin
Colt 1883 Shotgun Kaiser Wilhelm Tiger Gold Mine
Colt 1902 Military Kansas City Railroad Tim Foley
Colt 1902 Sporting Kareem Abdul Jabbar Timoor Daghistani
Colt 1903 Hammerless 32 Karl Kahn T.J. Coyle
Colt 1903 Pocket Model Karl Osterman T.J. Flournoy
Colt 1905 Marine Corp Keno Derringer Tolland Nicholson
Colt 1908 aka Model N Kermit Roosevelt Tom Brady
Colt 1908 Hammerless 380 Kibrisili Pacha Tombstone Milling & Mining
Colt 1909 Hammerless King Alphonso X11 Tombstone Prostitutes
Colt 1910 King Michael of Romania Tom Horn
Colt 1911 Civilian King Pin Derringer Tom Jones
Colt 1911 Military Kinsey Derringer Tom Mix
Colt 1911 Special Army Kit Carson Tom Threepersons
Colt Berdan Rifle Kittredge Markings Tompkins LaSalle
Colt Bisley S.A. Knightas of Pythias Savage Tom Tobin
Colt Buntline Specials Kolibri Pistol Tom Turner
Colt Burgess Rifle Krag Toribio Corbala
Colt Camp Perry Target K.V. Barnekov Test Rifle Townsend Whelem
Colt Colteer Test Laddie Hellman Tracy Express Co
Colt Conversions LaFetra Trimble Trade Names
Colt Derringers Model 1 & 2 Larry Wilson Trevanion Teel
Colt Double Rifles Lash LaRue Uhlinger Pocket Derringer
Colt First Model Dragoon Lauris Norstead Ulysses Grant
Colt Fluck Dragoon L.B. Taylor Derringer Uncle Billy Wharton
Colt Franklin Military Rifle Lee Derringer Uncle Ned Blank Pistol
Colt Gatling Guns Lee Flacy Union Arms Derringer
Colt Hartford English Dragoon Leige Briant Union Arms Musket
Colt House Models Leland Stanford Union Case 8
Colt Laidley Military Rifle Len McFarlane Union Case 10
Colt Lightning Rifles Engraved Lerah Hester Union Case 15
Colt Model 1877 Leroy Southmayd Union Case 17
Colt Model 1877 Double Action Lewis Geiger Union Case 18
Colt Model 1878 Lewis Lippold Union Case 29
Colt Model 1889 Lewis Logan Union Case 30
Colt Model 1900 L.G. Moorhead Union Case 31
Colt Model Bisley L.G. Sanford Union Case 32
Colt New House Liddle & Kaeding Revolver Union Case 34
Colt New Line Revolvers Lindsay 2 Shot Union Case 36
Colt New Model Army-Navy Little Elk Union Case 47
Colt New Pocket Model L.J. Montague Union Case 60
Colt New Police L.L. Bean Union Case 94
Colt New Police Target L.L. Larson Union Case 99
Colt New Service Lloyd Moses Union Case 103
Colt Open Top Lloyd Stark Union Case 110
Colt Paterson Revolver L.L. Rogers Union Case 116
Colt Paterson Rifles L. Neiswender Union Case 119
Colt Pequano L.N. Neel Union Case 123
Colt Police Positive Lonesome Dove Union Case 129
Colt Richards Conversion Lone Wolf Union Case 138
Colt Second Model Dragoon Lou Gehrig Union Case 140
Colt Single Action Army Louie Banks Union Case 142
Colt Single Action Army - Peacemaker Louis Falck Union Case 143
Colt Slide Action Large Frame Louis H. Eisenlohr Union Case 154
Colt Slide Action Medium Rifle Louis Lippold Union Case 156
Colt Slide Action Rifles Small Frame L.S. Sartoris Union Case 158
Colt Third Model Dragoon L.T. Pearson Union Case 168
Colt Thuers Lucius Gibbs Union Case 170
Colt Thuers Conversion Lucius M. Baldwin Union Case 176
Colt Walker Model Lucius Pond Revolvers Union Case 179
Colt Whitneyville Hartford Dragoon Luger Manufacturers Union Case 193
Commemorative Models Luther Kelly Union Case 185
Connecticut Arms Co Luther Skelly Union Case 188
Continental Arms Co L.V. Sone Union Case 197
Cooper Pocket Revolver L.W. Pond Prototype Union Case 210
Copeland Type 1 Pocket Model Lysander Wheat Union Case 215
Copper Queen Mining Co. Maharajah of Jepore Union Case 220
Cornelius Riley Major General John Fremont Union Case 222
Cornelius Roosevelt Malcolm Lincoln Union Case 226
Cottrell Flashlight Revolver Manhattan American Std Hero Union Case 227
Count of Valmeseda Manhattan Bar Hammer Pistol Union Case 242
Cowles & Son Derringer Manhattan London Pocket Models Union Case 234
C.P. Fleming Manhattan Navy Models Union Case 235
C.R. Alsop Navy Model Manhattan Pepperbox Pistols Union Case 244
C.R. Alsop Pocket Manhattan Pepperbox Revolver Union Case 256
C. R. Alsop Revolvers Manhattan Pocket Models Union Case 258
Crow Dog Manhattan Pocket 22 Revolver Union Case 262
C. S. Pettengill Revolvers Manhattan Shotgun Hammer Union Case 263
Cullen Rifle Co Manuel Diez de Bonilla Union Case 277
Cummings & Wheeler Revolver M. Keyes Union Case 280
Curly Bill Marbles Game Getter Union Case 288
Cuthbert Baines Marcelino Baca Union Case 294
C.W. Stribley Marcelo Alvear Union Case 302
Cyrus Remington Marcelo De Alvear Union Case 304
Daigle Cane Gun Marion Melgarejo Union Case 306
Dale Robertson Marion P. Maus Union Case 311
Dallas Stooudenmire Mark Wildes Union Case 320
Dalton Gang Marlin Exhibition Grade Carbine Union Case 322
Daniel Beard Marlin First Model Derringer Union Case 333
Daniel Stricker Marlin Little Joker Revolver Union Case 341
Daniel Wesson Marlin Model 16 Union Case 344
D.A. Powell Marlin Model 17 Union Case 358
David Foster Marlin Model 19 Union Case 368
David L. Postlethwaite Marlin Model 21 Union Case 376
David McDonald Marlin Model 24 Union Case 381
David Whepley Marlin Model 26 Union Case 387
Days Cane Gun Marlin Model 28 Union Case 388
Dead Shot Revolver Marlin Model 30 Union Case 389
Dean Andrews Marlin Model 336 Chronology Union Case 394
Dean Young Marlin Model 410 Lever Shotgun Union Case 396
Deerfield Eastern Arms Marlin Model 1877 Double Action Union Case 398
Defender Knife Pistol Marlin Model 1881 Rifle Union Case 402
D.E. Joslin Marlin Model 1888 Rifle Union Case 408
Delong Mule Ear Marlin Model 1889 Rifle Union Case 413
Derringer 1876 Marlin Model 1891 Rifle Union Case 416
Derringer Pocket Revolver Marlin Model 1892 Rifle Union Case 426
Desmond Deane Marlin Model 1893 Rifle Union Case 435
Dexter Smith Shotguns Marlin Model 1894 Rifle Union Case 438
D.H. Ross Marlin Model 1895 Rifle Union Case 439
Dick Broadwell Marlin Model 1897 Rifle Union Case 440
Dickinson Derringer Marlin Model 1898 Shotgun Union Case 457
Dick Wooten Marlin Nevermiss Derringer Union Case 463
Doc Holliday Marlin No. 32 Standard Pocket Union Case 476
Dominic Graczewski Marlin OK Derringer Union Case 477
Donald Douglas Marlin Percussion Alarm Gun Union Case 482
Donald V. Forest Marlin Private Brands Union Case 484
Donald Washburn Marlin Pump Shotguns Union Case 488
Don Castilla Marlin Single Shot Gallery Gun Union Case 497
Don Excmo Marlin Stonewall Derringer Union Case 452
Don Jose Laureano Sanz Marlin XX Standard Revolver Union Case 500
Dot & Ernie Lind Marlin XXX Pocket Revolver Union Case 508
Driscole Derringer Marlin Victor Derringer Union Case 517
Duke Constantine Marshall Carter Union Case 518
Duke Michael Marston & Knox Pistol Union Case 523
Dutch Henry Martin Mroz Union Case 525
D.W. Cahill Martin Zarkovich Union Case 549
Dwight Eisenhower Marvin Rutan Union Case 552
E.A.F. Topperwein Massachusetts Arms Union Case 559
Eagle Manufacturing Co. Massachusetts Arms Cartridge Conversion Union Case 560
E. Allen Single Shot Derringer Mass Arms Double Barrel Pistol Union Case 562
E. Allen Vest Pocket Derringer Mass Arms Single Shot Pistol Union Case 582
E. A. Prescott Pocket Revolvers Matt Kimes Union Case 584
E. A. Prescott Revolver Maurice Bale Union Case 596
Earl Alonzo Brininstool Maurice Rose Union Case 603
Earl Stanley Gardner Max Fleishmann Union Case 604
E.C. Billings McCarty Pocket Pistol Union Case 607
E.C. Gardiner M.C. Foley Union Case 616
Eclipse Derringer Memphis Police Dept Union Case 622
E.C. Richardson Mershon & Hollingsworth Rifle Union Case 632
E.C. Simmons Hardware Merwin & Bray Derringer Union Case 664
E.C. Zimmerman Merwin & Hulbert Revolvers Union Case 674
Edgar Brecher M.E. Trejo Union Case 675
Edgar Watson Metric Centerfire Pistol Calibers Union Case 677
E.D. Hopper Metropolitan Arms Union Case 678
Edith Tantlinger Metropolitan Fair Union Case 679
Ed McGivern Michael Spangler Union Case 681
Edmund Freeman M.J. Bough Union Case 684
Ed Schieffelin Military Inspectors - Antique Union Case 686
Edward Abbott Military Inspectors - Modern Union Case 711
Edward Bates Millard Duell Union Case 713
Edward Bohlin Milton Davis Union Case 715
Edward Godfrey Milton Lantham Union Case 717
Edward Green Minneapolis Firearms Co Union Case 727
Edward Kelley Miguel Mujica Gallo Union Case 733
Edward Knight Miquel Otero Union Case 736
Edward Le Clair M.J. Larson Union Case 739
Edward McCarty M.L. Roberts Union Case 742
Edward McKnight M. Norris Union Case 754
Edward R. Murrow Mohawk Pocket Model Union Case 770
Edward Sanford Mohender Bahadoor Union Case Gun Case S&W
Edward Stanley Moore's Firearms Union Case Unidentified aa
Edward Stokes Morgan & Clapp Derringer Union Case Unidentified bb
Ed Wilson Morrill, Mosman & Blair Union Case Unidentified cc
Edwin English Moses Kinsey Unique Palm Pistol by Shattluck
Edwin Stanton Mossberg & Brownie Derringer United States Arms Co
Edwin Wesson Dragoon Mossberg Models & Years Unknown Gun Makers
Edwin Wooley Mrs. Howell Cobb Unknown Percussion Pistol
Ed Wozenski M.S. Browning Unknown Percussion Pistol #2
Ed Zonne M.T. Gonzaullas Unknown Percussion Pistol #3
E.E. Bradley Muragaki U.S. America
E.E. Stubbs Murray Peterson U. S. Arms Co Knife Pistol
E.G. Albers Nathan Twining U.S. Calvary Test Weapons
E.J. Heurmann National Arms Lg Frame U.S. Grant
E.J. Langrish Navy Training Gun U.S. Marshals
E.J. Rebbeth Nelson Lewis U.S.N.C.P.C.
E.J. Steptoes Nelson Miles Val Browning
E. Lee Trimble Nepperhan Firearms Co V. Carrenza
Elfago Baca Newbury Arms Co Vermont Gunsmiths & Gun Makers
Elgar & Smith Volley Gun Newbury Arms Co Double Ender Vern Wagoner
Elisha King Root Newbury Arms Co Small Frame Victor Blank Gun
Elizabeth Thompson New York Club Rifle Virgil Earp
Elmer Keith N. Garaz and Joe Peria Virginia Militia
El Paso Prostitutes Nichols & Childs Revolvers V.G.W. Libeau
Elvis Presley Nick Adams V.L. Lipsett
E.L. Waters Noel Turret Pistol Vittorio Emmanuele
Elwell Otis Norm Flayderman Volcanic Lever Action Pistols
Emiliano Zipata North & Couch Hand Held Pepperbox Volcanic New Haven
Emmett Dalton Norton McGriffin Von Franz Joseph Marz
Emmy Goring N.R. Webster William Peterson
Emporer Maximilian N.S. Burnham Walter Barney
E. Newdigate N.T. Chipman Walter Cameron
Enoch Tate Griffin N. Wood Walter Hotz
E.P. Armstrong O.B. Dingley Walter Martin
E. Parsons Office Strategic Services Walter Russell
E. Remington New Model Revolvers Ogden Winnans Walters Winans
Ernest Hemingway Oklahoma Tire Co Warner & Wesson Dragoon
E.S. Briant O.K. Marlin Derringer Warren Hair
E.S. Casselman Olympics 1912 Savage Pistols Wayne Beasley
Espinosa Gang Omer Gravelle W.B. Weidler
E.S. Sanford Orren Forest W. Calvin Clippinger
Essington and Lackberg Orson Brooks W.C. Dodge
Ethan Allen Double Barrel Shotgun O. S. Cummings Revolver W.C. Price
Ethan Allen First Model Pocket Osgood & Townsend Harmonica Rifle W.D. Connell
Ethan Allen Tube Hammer Osgood Duplex Revolver Wells Fargo Express
Ethan Everist Oshman's Sporting Goods Werner Knife Pistol
Eugene Hartkopf Otis Smith Pocket Revolver W.E. Saunders
Eugene Rhodes Otto Wahrmund Wesson Arms Co
Eva Braun Overbaugh Sharps Wesson & Harrington H & R Spur Trigger
Evett Nix Owen Jones Wesson & Harrington Pistols
E.W. Bokee O.W. Turk Western Field Models
Ezra Smith Pacific Mail Steamship Co W. Eyck
Fanny Hammer Palmetto, Premier, Woolco, Widgeon, Klein, Talo W. F. Cobb
Faultless Pen Gun Pancho Villa W. Frampton
F.A. Whitehead Panther Bill W.H. Ballard
Fay Brown Parker 4 Shot Wheel Spoke Pistol
F.B. Hutchison Pat Garrett W.H. Flynn
F. Carter Schaub Patrick Bray Whitney Excelsior Grade Rifle
F. Copeland Revolver Patrick Ford Whitney Howard Thunderbolt Rifle
F.D. Newbury Large Frame Patrick Henry Ray Whitney Revolvers
F.F. Daverra Patrick Hurley Whitney Phoenix Sporting Rifle
F. Hoch Paul Gubbins Whitney 2 Trigger Revolver
Fidenico Hernandez Paul McNutt Whitneyville 1 1/2 Frame
Fisticuff Paul Mobley Wilbur Underhill
F. Maximiliano Pawnee Bill Wild Bill Elliott
Fool's Bear Peabody Martini Action Will Cotulla
Forehand & Wadsworth Firearms Peabody Rifles, Carbines William Armstrong
Foreign Proof Marks Pearl Hart William Blatchley
Frances Schopp Harmonica Pistol Pearl Starr William Brinkerhoff
Francis Torriano Fisher Peavey Clasp Knife Pistol William Bulters
Frank Cocheran Pecare & Smith William B. Wetmore
Frank Collinson Peck & Grilley Conversion William Christy Pepperbox
Frank Hamer Pedrinbo Craveiro William Coleman
Frank Hermanson Percival & Smith Magazine Pistol William Collier
Frank Horger Perplex Tear Gas Gun William Davis
Frank James Perry & Goodard Derringer William Deagan
Franklin Lewis Burr Perry Single Shot Pistol William Elliott Rifle
Franklin Pierce Peter Kleinkopf William Everette
Frank Parker P.G. Franklin William F. Raidler
Frank Pine Philip Sheridan William Gay
Frank Stewart Phillip R. Phillips William Hale Thompson
Frank Wesson 2 Trigger Rifles Pieper Volley Gun William Hankins Revolver
Frank Wesson Falling Block Rifles Pierre Hill William Hart
Frank Wesson Pistols & Rifles Pierre Laval William H. Brown
Fred Crory Pinos Altos Mexican Mining Co William H. Cox
Frederick McLaughlin P.J. Noel William Holden
Frederick Miller Plant Firearms & Merwin & Bray William H. Smith
Frederick Washausen Plow Jockey Gang William H. Tilghman
Fred Gurdes Pointer Derringer William Huddy
Fredrick Benteen Polemus Knife Pistol William Hyman
Fredrick Newbury Revolver Police Dept Marked Guns William Irving Revolver
Fredrick Smith Pony Express William Jackson
Fredrick Von Oppen Porfirio Diaz William Jennings Bryan
Fred Roff Pope Bros Air Pistol William Jones
Fred Thacker P. Orr & Sons Madras William Little
Freeman Bull Porter Turret Rifle William Lormore
Fred Sutcliff Prairie Rose William L. Sherwood
Fred Sutton Pratt Burglar - Animal Gun William Mason
Fred W. Lees Prentis Oakley William McCaul
F. Reuthe Animal Gun Prescott Pistol Co William McDonald
Friedich Kruger President Margarejo William McKinley
F. Schenck Pretty Boy Floyd William Morck
Gardner Battery Gun Prince Albert William Morgenstein Trial Rifle 1872
Gatling Guns Prince Devawongse William Osgood
Gem Blank Cartridge Pistol Prince Hassan William Saxbe
Gem Pocket Revolver Protection Pocket Revolver William Sterling
General George Crook Pruden C and C Co William Stokes
General Sterling Price P. W. Porter Revolver William Taylor
General Uraga P.W. Schwartz William Thiessen
General W.J. Palmer Quackenbush Bicycle Rifle William Tilghman
George Chorpenning Queen Noor William W. Marston Revolver
George Crook Queen Single Shot Derringer William Walker
George Custer Ralph Forbes William Wetmore
George E. Albee Ralph Hooker William Wetmore (2nd File)
George Bowler Ralph Snavely William W. Rowland
George Carroll Ramiro Martinez Williamson Derringer
George Engle R.A. Pierce Will R. Allen
George Rogers Ray Crash Corrigan Will Wright
George Evans Raymond Burr Winchester Hotchkiss Carbine
George Hoffman Raymond Riling Winchester Model 53
George Hull R. Bernard Winchester Model 61
George Jackson R.B. Marcy Winchester Model 62
George LaRue R.C. Payton Winchester Model 71
George Leicester R.C. VanZandt Winchester Model 1866
George Luckey R.D. Thorpe Winchester Model 1873
George Luger R.E. Carter Winchester Model 1873 (2nd file)
George McGlemere Reginald Pole-Carew Winchester Model 1876
George Meade Reid Single Shot Winchester Model 1876 (2nd File)
George Moore Remington 1861 Revolvers Winchester Model 1885
George Owens Remington 1867 Cadet Rifle Winchester Model 1886
George Patton Remington 1867 Navy Carbines Winchester Model 1886 (2nd File)
George Perlotto Remington Beals Model Army & Navy Winchester Model 1887
George Riddle Remington Beals Model Rifle Winchester Model 1888
George Rutledge Remington Beals Pocket Models Winchester Model 1890
George Smith Animal Gun Remington Cane Guns Winchester Model 1890 (2nd File)
George Stricham Remington Conversions of Models 1861 & 1863 Winchester Model 1892
George Strickman Remington Double Action Belt Models Winchester Model 1893
George Wellman Remington Double Barrel Muzzle Loading Shotgun Winchester Model 93 Shotgun
G.G. Gonzales Remington Double Derringer Winchester Model 1902
G.H. Rutter Remington Elliot's Derringer Winchester Model 1903
Gideon Welles Remington Hepburn No. 3 Sporting Rifles Winchester Model 1906
G & J Chapman Revolver Remington High Hammer Sporting Rifle Winfield Scott Stratton
Glen Bockoven Remington Iroquois Pocket Revolver Winner 7th Calvary
G.M. Crocker Remington Keene Magazine Rifle W. Irving Derringer
G.N. Macy Remington Lebel Rifle W.J. Comstock
Governor Revolver Remington Lee Magazine Rifle W.J. Davidson
Gould Weston Remington Light Baby Carbine W.L. Oliver
G.P. Foster Klein Needle Remington Mosin Nagent Rifle W. Marston Breech Loader
Grant Schely Remington Mark III Flare Gun Wm.E. Petty
Grant Y. Tom Remington Model 1 1/2 Sporting Rifle Wm. Marston Derringer
Granville Mellen Dodge Remington Model 2 Sporting Rifle W.P. Walker
Granville Stuart Remington Model 4 & Military 4S Wright Pill Lock Turret
Grat Dalton Remington Model 5 Rifles W.R. Spittle
Gross Arms Co Remington Model 6 Falling Block W.T. Moyer
Gustav Lohmann Remington Model 7 Rolling Block Wurfflein Salon Pistol
Gutta Percha Collar Case 1 Remington Model 16 Wurfflein Single Shot Pistol
Gutta Percha Collar Case 2 Remington Model 51 W.V. Twistern
Gutta Percha Collar Case 3 Remington Model 1868 Bolt Action Rifle W. Winans
Gutta Percha Collar Case 4 Remington Model 1875 W.W. Marston Bar Hammer
Gutta Percha Collar Case 5 Remington Model 1882 & 1883 Shotgun W.W. Marston Center Hammer
Gutta Percha Collar Case 6 Remington Model 1888 Wyatt Earp
H.A. Campbell Remington Model 1890 X. L. Derringer
H.A.G. Pomeroy Remington Model 1893 Shotgun X.L. Double Action
Hale & Tuller Remington Muzzle Loading Shotgun X. L. Single Shot Derringer
Halls Breech Loading Percussion Rifle Remington New Model Pocket Revolver X. L. Single Shot Derringer (Marked)
Hamilton Boys Rifle Remington New Model Police Revolver Xpert Single Shot Derringer
  Remington New Model S.A. Belt Revolver Xpert Bicycle Rifle
    Yerty Salon Pistol
    Yves L. Cadiou
    Zenon Guevara
    Zollie Campbell
Astra Constable Internal Revenue Service Richard Constable
Abdorreza Pahlavi Ithica Model 51 Richard Mason
A.B. Frost Ithica Serial Numbers Robert Parker
Aid De Camp Iver Johnson Models Robert Pinkerton
Adam Eagle James A. Price Rossi Model 92 Schematic
Adams Express James Lynch Roy Aldrich
Alfred Pleasanton James McParland R.P. Bruff
Allen J. Woodcock James Purdy Shotgun Serial Numbers Rudolf Schunicke
Arthur Barnes James R. Kearney Ruger Black Hawk Schematic
Atkinson James Turney Ruger Carbine Schematic
Bacon Navy Revolver J.C. Bassett Ruger Model 10/22 Schematic
Bacon Screw Trigger J.D. Butler Ruger Model 77 Schematic
Battle of Britain Single Action Armies J.E. Evans Samuel P. Colt
B. Auer Jesse Butterfield Savage Model 6 Stevens 76 Schematic
Ben Bullwinkle J.I. Spies Sheriff Ebey
Black Eyed Guzman John Blanton Sheriff Thiessen
B.N. Waters John Clement Sitting Bull the Minor
Borgono Justiniano John Drepperd Smokey Silver
Boss & Co Serial Numbers John Ellis Soapy Smith
Browning Hi Power John Jenkins Springfield 1863 Schematic
Browning Lg Frame Semi John Rigby Serial Nos Springfield 1873 Schematic
Browning Lever Rifle Large Frame John Sloan Springfield 1903 Schematic
Browning Model 92 J. Shelby Williams Star Starlet Schematic
Browning Model 1922 J.T. Amber Stephen Babcock
Browning Small Frame Rifle 22 Juan Jamie Stephen Grant & Sons Serial Numbers
Browning Semi 22 Julius Theilemann Sterling Model 25 Schematic
Browning Target Pistol J.W. Pinkerton Synd Meerza
Cane Gun 1 Kings Site Co T. Bailey
C.C. Manning Kit Goodbrake Terry McConnor
Charles Askin Kittridge Newlines Script Texas Cooper
Charles Cody Krag Jorgensen 1892 Thomas Norfolk
Charles Foehl Deringer Lawrence D. Tyson Thomas O'Conner
Charles Goodnight Lee Trinkle T.L. Settle
Charles J. Denholm Lefever Serial Numbers Tom Berenger
Charles Lancaster Serial Nos Lehigh Coal Turner Kirkland
Charlesworth Cane Gun L.L. Guion Umberti Model 73 Schematic
Charlie Russell Loren Ballou Unique Pistol Schematic
C.H. Bates Lucian Cary Unknown Percussion Pistol #4
C.H. Jones L.W. Page Unknown Cartridge Pistol #5
Clara Long Lynn Adams U.S. Department of Labor
Clyde Barrow M-1 Garand Rifle Schematic U.S. Immigration
Colt 1851 Schematic Marlin Model 336 Schematic U.S. Justice Dept
Colt 1860 Schematic Marlin Model 1881 Schematic U.S. Postal Service
Colt 1873 U.S. Contract Guns page 1 Marlin Model 1894 Schematic U.S. Postal Service 1917 page 1
Colt 1873 U.S. Contract Guns page 2 Marlin Serial Nos U.S. Postal Service 1917 page 2
Colt 1873 U.S. Contrcat Guns page 3 Marshall Biggs U.S. Rock Island Arsenal
Colt 1873 U.S. Contract Guns page 4 Marston 22 Knife U.S. Treasury Dept
Colt 1873 U.S. Contract Guns page 5 Maury Nichols Waldo Hack
Colt 1873 U.S. Contract Guns page 6 Mauser Model 98 Schematic Walter Schmidt
Colt 1873 U.S. Contract Guns page 7 Mauser Model 1906 Schematic Wayne Newton
Colt 1873 U.S. Contract Guns page 8 Mexican National RR W.B. Jackson
Colt Buntline Moses Dickson W. Blenman
Colt Cobra Old Style Schematic Mossberg 500 Late Model Schematic W.E. Sutter
Colt Commander Schematic Mossberg Code W.H.H. Taylor
Colt Detective Special Stainless Schematic M.P. Mitchell William Afferbach
Colt Gold Cup N.H. Gillett William Angus
Colt Colt MK III Schematic O.J. Tobey William Goodwin
Colt MK V Schematic Orval Voorhees William Martin
Colt Model S Paul Helms Winchester Model 12 Schematic
Colt SAA Schematic Paul Shively Winchester Model 37 Milita
Connecticut Arms Line Throwing Gun P.M. Armington Winchester Model 70 Late Schemaic
Connecticut Arms Single Shot Derringer P.M. Milliken Winchester Model 70 Pre 1964
Custer Little Big Horn Guns Ralph Buckland Winchester Model 70 Post 1964
Daniel Peixotto Ralph Vallers Winchester Model 73 Carbine Schematic
Dan Wesson Revolvers Reese Fitzpatrick Winchester Model 73 Rifle Schematic
Dan White Remington Model 66 Schematic Winchester Model 76 Rifle Schematic
David Terry Williams Remington Model 90 Winchester Model 85 Schematic
Decatur Bankers Assoc Remington Model 510 schematic Winchester Model 86 Rifle Schematic
Deer Gun Remington Model 700 schematic Winchester Model 88 Schematic
D.H. Pond Remington Model 742 schematic Winchester Model 88 Serial Numbers
Dog Stands On Hill Remington Model 760 schematic Winchester Model 90 Schematic
Donald Forrest Remington Model 870 LH schematic Winchester Model 94 Commemoratives
E.C. Crossman Remington Rolling Block schematic Winchester Model 94 Schematic
Edward Hogue Remington Serial Codes Winchester Model 95 Schematic
Edwin Stacey   Winchester Model 97 Serial Numbers
E.H. Johnson   Winchester Model 100 Serial Numbers
F.H. Clark   Winchester Model 100 Schematic
First Bankers   Winchester Model 190 Schematic
F.J. Barthmeir   Winchester Model 1200 Schematic
F. Lauder   Winchester Model 1400 Schematic
Forest Jones   Winchester Model 1890 Serial Numbers
Frail Co   Winchester Model 1906 Serial Numbers
Frank Bitterlich   Winchester Model 1961 Serial Numbers
Frank Chamberlain   Winchester Model 1962 Schematic
Frank Houdlette   Winchester Model 9422 Schematic
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Winchester Super X
Frank W. Smith   Winston Guest
Frederick Beerstecher   W. L. Berg
Frederick Reincke   World's Fair 1889
Fred Hornbeck   W.W. Greener Serial Numbers
G.H.D. Gillespie   Zoli Shotgun Schematic
Given Campbell    
George Peabody    
G.R. Tucker    
Guillermo Crespo    
Gustav Erickson    
G.W. Dart    
Harry Sanford    
Hawes Revolver Schematic    
Henry A. Courtney    
Henry Hutchison    
Herbert F. Staples    
High Standard Sentinel schematic    
High Standard Supermatic    
H.L. Harriman    
Horace Dimick    
Horace Lord    
Hugh Rose    
Beretta Model 92 DA Schematic Marlin Glenfield Model 60 Schematic Savage Fox Models
Beretta Model 300 301 Schematic Marlin Model 39A Schematic Savage Model 24 Schematic
British Lee Enfield Marlin Model 1894 Old Model Schematic Savage Model 67 Schematic
Browning A5 Schematic Mauser Model HSC Schematic Savage Model 71 Schematic
Buffalo Revolver Schematic Mr. E.J. Churchill Serial Nos Savage Model 79 Schematic
Civil War Muskets Serial Nos Ruger Mark I Schematic Savage Model 99 Schematic
Colt Anaconda Schematic Ruger Mark II Schematic Savage Model 110 Schematic
Colt 57 Schematic Ruger Mini Ranch Schematic Sig Model 220 Schematic
Colt 1902 Pocket Schematic Ruger New Model Stainless Schematic Sig Model 230 Schematic
Colt 1903-32 Schematic Ruger red Hawk Schematic Squires Bingham Schematic
Colt 1903-380 Schematic Ruger Red label Schematic Stevens Favorite Schematic
Colt 22 Target Schematic Ruger Security Six Thompson Center Contender Pistol Schematic
Colt Colteer Schematic Russian Moisin Nagant Schematic Tokarev Model P 30 Schematic
Colt Courier Schematic S&W Model 19 Schematic U.S. Government Ordnance Purchase Serial
Colt Junior Schematic S&W Model 36 U.S. pistol Contracts Serial Nos
Colt SA 1st Schematic S&W Model 39 Schematic

Walter P 38 Schematic

Colt Scout Schematic S&W Model 41 Schematic Walther PPK Schematic
Colt Stagecoach Schematic S&W Model 59 Schematic Westley Richards Serial Nos
Colt Woodsman Schematic    
Dakota Revolver Schematic    
Interarms Mark X Schematic    
James Woodward Serial Nos    
John Dickson Serial Nos    
Joseph Lang Serial Nos    
Luger Old Model Schematic