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Serial Numbers For Following guns .
C thru D

Charles Lancaster
Decatur Bankers Assoc.
Civil War Cannons    
Civil War Cannon Production    
Civil War Muskets    
Colt AR 15    
Colt 1849 Pocket    
Colt 1851 Navy    
Colt 1855    
Colt 1861    
Colt 1862 - 1851 - 1861 - 1860    
Colt 1862    
Colt 1873 SA Frontier    
Colt 1873 Frontier Survival    
Colt 1873 SA Frontier    
Colt 1878    
Colt 1911 Commercial    
Colt 1911 Military    

Colt Burgess

Colt Dragoon    
Colt Paterson    
Colt Walker Dragoon    
Colt Walker Survival Rate