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Gun Schematics by Make and Model
Page 1

G and H

Gales Semi Auto 25
Hammerli Model 103 SS
H&K Model H.K. 4
Glisenti Model 1910
Hammerli Model 120 SS
Holland & Holland Page 1
Glock Full Size
Hammerli Model 150 SS
Holland & Holland Page 2
Glock Sub Compact
Hammerli Model 152 SS
H&R Model 32 Self loader
Glock Compact
Hammerli Model 208-211-214-215 Self Loader
H&R Models 603-604-903-904-905-504-826-829-832
Glock Model 17
Hammmerli Model 232 Self Loader
H&R Model 732 - 733 Revolver
Great Western Arms Single Action
Hammerli Model 280 Self Loader
H&R Model 922 - 933 Revolver
Great Western Arms Derringer
Hawes Revolver
H&R Model 925 Revolver
Grendel Model 110 Self Loader
High Standard Derringer
H&R Model 929 Revolver
High Standard Duramatic
H&R Models 949-950-976-649-650-660-666-676-686
  High Standard Military Model 107
H&R Model 999 Sportsman
  High Standard Model 104 Super Citation
H&R Top Break Model 22 Revolver
High Standard Model H B
H&R Top Break Revolver Type 1
High Standard Sentinel
H&R Top Break Revolver Type 2
High Standard Supermatic
Heckler & Koch Model HK-4
  High Standard Sport King
Heckler & Koch Model P7 Self Loading
  High Standard Take Down Model
Heckler & Koch Model P7M8 Self Loading
  High Standard Model W-104 / W-105
Heckler & Koch Model P7M13 Self Loading
  High Standard Model W-102 / W-103
Heckler & Koch Model P& - PSP Self Loading
High Standard R -108
Heckler & Koch Model SP89 Self Loading
High Standard R -101
Heckler & Koch Model VP70Z Self Loading
Hungarian Model P 37
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