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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
Page 1
W and X
Waldo Hack W.H.H.Taylor None None
William Peterson William H. Smith    
Walter Barney William H. Tilghman    
Walter Cameron William Huddy    
Walter Hotz William Hyman    
Walter Martin William Jackson    
Walther Schmidt William Jennings Bryan    
Walter Russell William Jones    
Walters Winans William Little    
Warren Hair William Lormore    
Wayne Beasley William Loring    
Wayne Newton William L. Sherwood    
W.B. Weidler Willliam Martin    
W. Blenman William Mason    
W. B. Jackson William McCaul    
W. Calvin Clippinger William McDonald    
W.C. Dodge William McKinley    
W.C. Price William Morck    
W.C. Wright William Osgood    
W.D. Connell William Saxbe    
Wells Fargo Express William Sterling    
W.E. Saunders William Taylor    
W.E. Sutter William Thiessen    
W.H. Flynn William Tilghman    
W. L. Berg William Walker    
Wilbur Underhill William Wetmore    
Wild Bill Elliott William Wetmore (2nd File)    
Will Allen William W. Rowland    
Will Cotulla Will R. Allen    
Willie Bruns Will Wright    
William Afferbach Winfield Scott Stratton    
William Armstrong Winston Guest    
William Angus Winner 7th Calvary    
William Blatchley W.J. Comstock    
William Brinkerhoff W.J. Davidson    
William Bulters W.L. Oliver    
William B. Wetmore WM. E. Petty    
William Carr W.P. Walker    
William Coleman Worlds Fair 1889    
William Collier W.R. Spittle    
William Davis W.T. Moyer    
William Deagan W.V. Twistern    
William Drake W. Winans    
William Everette Wyatt Earp    
William F. Raidler      
William Gay      
William Goodwin      
William Hale Thompson      
William Hart      
William H. Brown      
William H. Cox      
William Holden      
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