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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
Page 1
S and T
Sadie Orchard None
Tandy Walker
Said Pacha     T. Bailey
Samuel Barker     T. Berengner
Samuel Bowls     Tear of Gettysburg
Sam Boyd     Teddy Roosevelt
Sam Goodson     T.E. Denel
Sam Clemens     Terry Nichols
Samuel Colt     Terry McConner
Samuel Colt Personal     Teton Jackson
Samuel F. Cody     Texas Cooper
Samuel G. Colt     Texas Jack
Samuel P. Colt     Texas Rangers
SAmuel Preist     Texas Rangers DPW
Samuel L. Hart     Tex Rickard
Samuel Jackson     Thomas Barton
Samuel Mather     Thomas Bull Dewees
Samuel Newhouse     Thomas Butler
Satella Stevens     Thomas Cooper
Samuel Stone     Thomas Dakin
S.A. Tucker     Thomas Dewes
S. Cody     Thomas Dixon
S.C Winegard     Thomas Eakins
Seldon Lindsey     Thomas Gardner
Serafin Barela     Thomas Jeffords
Sheriff Ebey     Thomas Mayall Revolver
Sheriff Thiessen     Thomas Mathiesen
S. Fischer     Thomas Nunan
Sid Fogel     Thomas Norfolk
S.I. Kellog     Thomas O'Conner
S. Kip. Farrington     Thomas Ruger
Silas Bent     Thomas Seymour
Simmons Hardware Guard Guns     Thomas Stevens
Simon Cameron     Thord Hallstorm Gray
Sinclair Walbridge     Thos Lee Hood
Sitting Bull     Threll Reed
Sitting Bull the Minor     Thurman Baldwin
Smith Bateman     Tiger Gold Mine
Smiley Burnett     Tim Foley
Smokey Silver     Timoor Daghistani
Soapy Smith     T.J. Coyle
Sol West     T.J. Flournoy
Spaulding & Fisher     T. L. Settle
Steve Stimpson     Tolland Nicholson
Stephen Babcock     Tom Brady
St Joseph & Salt Lake Mail Co     Tombstone Milling & Mining
Sultan of Turkey     Tombstone Prostitutes
Sumner Carruth     Tom Horn
Sylvester Bliss     Tom Jones
Sylvester Doss     Tom Mix
Synd Meerza     Tom Threepersons
      Tompkins LaSalle
      Tom Tobin
      Tom Turner
      Toribio Corbala
      Townsend Whelem
      Tracy Express Co
      Trade Names
      Trevanion Teel
      Turner Kirkland
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