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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
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Q and R
Queen Noor None Ralph Buckland R. N. Lambert
    Ralph Forbes Robbie Adams
    Ralph Hooker Robert Anderson
    Ralph Snavely Robert Blanchard
    Ralph Vallers Robert Coleman
    Ramiro Martinez Robert Fauntleroy
    R.A. Pierce Robert Ford
    Ray Crash Corrigan Robert Kain
    Raymond Burr Robert Kingsbury
    Raymond Riling Robert Phillips
    R. Bernard Robert Parker
    R.B. Marcy Robert Pinkerton
    R.C. Payton Robert Ross
    R.C. VanZandt Roberts Patent
    R.D. Thorpe Robert Stack
    R.E. Carter Robert Sutherland
    Reese Fitzpatrick Robert West
    Reginald Pole-Carew Rodolfo Moctezuma
    R.E. Nice Roe Clark
    Rex Allen Romeo Borromey
    Rex Trailer Ronald Reagan
    R. Hertel Ron Urban
    Richard Byrd Roswell Ripley
    Richard Constable Royal Nizam of Hyderabad
    Richard Garvey Roy Aldrich
    Richard Gatling Roy Gordon
    Richard Mason Roy Hardesty
    Richard Neff Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum
    Richard Nixon Roy Scates
    Richard S. Havourd R.P. Bruff
    Richard Sylvester R. Smith
    Richard Tanner Rudolf Schunicke
    R.J. Toplis Rufus McKay
    R.K. House Rufus Thompson
    R.L. Gibson Russell Smith
    R.L. Higgens  
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