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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
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K and L
Kaiser Wilhelm None Laddie Hellman L.L. Guion
Kansas City Railroad   LaFetra Trimble L.L. Larson
Kareem Abdul Jabbar   Larry Wilson Lloyd Moses
Karl Kahn   Lash LaRue Lloyd Stark
Karl Osterman   Lauris Norstead L.L. Rogers
Keno Derringer   Lawrence D. Tyson L. Neiswender
Kenyon Joyce   Lee Flacy L.N. Neel
Kermit Roosevelt   Lehigh Coal Lonesome Dove
Kibrisili Pacha   Leige Briant Lone Wolf
King Alphonso X11   Leland Stanford Loomis Langdon
King Michael of Romania   Len McFarlane Loren Ballou
Kings Site Co   Lerah Hester Lou Gehrig
Kit Goodbrake   Leroy Southmayd Louie Banks
Kit Carson   Lee Trinkle Louis Falck
Kittridge Newlines Script   Lewis Geiger Louis H. Eisenlohr
Knight's of Pythias - Savage   Lewis Lippold Louis Lippold
    Lewis Logan L.S. Sartoris
    L.G. Moorhead L.T. Pearson
    L.G. Sanford Lucius Gibbs
    Little Elk Lucius M. Baldwin
    L.J. Montague Luther Kelly
    L.L. Bean Luther Skelly
      Lucian Cary
      L.V. Sone
      L.W. Page
      Lynn Adams
      Lysander Wheat
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