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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
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G and H
General George Crook NONE NONE H.A. Campbell
General Sterling Price     Hank Monk
General Uraga     Hans Hirte
General W. J. Palmer     Harley J. Earl
George Chorpenning     Harold Kline
George Crook     Harold Richards
George Custer     Harrison Hamer
George E. Albee     Harry Allman
George Bowler     Harry Hill Bandholtz
George Carroll     Harry Sanford
George Engle     Harry Truman
George Rogers     H.B. Hitchings
George Evans     H.C. Cassidy
George Hoffman     H.C. Fay
George Hull     H. C. Lombard Pistol
George Jackson     H.D. Polhemus
George LaRue     H.D. Townsend
George Leicester     H.D.W. Pawling
George Luckey     Heck Thomas
George Luger     Helmut Gommlich
George McGlemere     Henry Bissell
George Meade     Henry A. Courtney
George Moore     Henry Brown
George Owens     Henry Cannon
George Patton     Henry Crofut
George Peabody     Henry Deringer
George Perlotto     Henry Ellenger
George Riddle     Henry Ford
George Rutledge     H.L. Harriman
George Stricham     Henry Himmler
George Strickman     Henry Hutchison
George Wellman     Henry H. Mathias
George Garrison     Henry Kellogg
G.G. Gonzales     Henry Lehmann
G.H.D. Gillespie     Henry Saunders
G.H. Rutter     Henry Snow
Gideon Welles     Henry Starr
Given Campbell     Henry Wise
Glen Bockoven     Henry Wickenberg
G.M. Crocker     Herbert Hagerman
G.N. Macy     Herb Glass
Gould Weston     Herff Carnes
Grant Schely     Herbert F. Staples
Grant Y. Tom     Herman Bendel
Granville Mellen Dodge     Herman Goring
Granville Stuart     Hino-Komuro
Grat Dalton     H.M. Hoskins
G.R. Tucker     H.M. Morse
G.W. Dart     H.M. Ridley
Guillermo Crespo     H.M.W.
Gustav Lohmann     Horace Dimick
Gustav Erickson     Horace Lord
      Homer Knight
      Hoot Gibson
      Horatio Eaton
      Horatio Seymour
      Howard Russell
      Howard Wagner
      Howard Young
      H.P. Myton
      H. Reding
      H.T. Alexander
      H.T. Lowery
      Hugh A. Cook
      Hugh Rose
      Hunter VonLeer
      Hyram Wicks
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