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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
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E and F
E.A.F. Topperwein Enoch Tate Griffin
Fanny Hammer
Earl Alonzo Brininstool E.P. Armstrong   F.A. Whitehead
Earl Stanley Gardner E. Parsons   Fay Brown
E.C. Billings Ernest Hemingway   F.B. Hutchison
E.C. Crossman E.S. Briant   F. Carter Schaub
E.C. Gardiner E.S. Casselman   F.F. Daverra
E.C. Richardson Espinosa Gang   F. Hoch
E.C. Simmons Hardware E.S. Sanford   F.H. Clark
E.C. Zimmerman Essington and Lackberg   Fidenico Hernandez
Edgar Brecher Ethan Everist   First Bankers
Edgar Watson Eugene Hartkopf   F.J. Barthmeir
E.D. Hopper Eugene Rhodes   F. Lauder
Edith Tantlinger Eva Braun   F. Maximiliano
Ed McGivern Evett Nix   Fool's Bear
Edmund Freeman E.W. Bokee   Forest Jones
Ed Schieffelin Ezra Smith   Frail Co
Edward Abbott     Frank Bitterlich
Edward Bates     Francis Torriano Fisher
Edward Bohlin     Frank Chamberlain
Edward Godfrey     Frank Cocheran
Edward Green     Frank Collinson
Edward Hogue     Frank Hamer
E.H. Johnson     Frank Hermanson
Edward Kelley     Frank Horger
Edward Knight     Frank Houdlette
Edward Le Clair     Frank James
Edward McCarty     Franklin Lewis Burr
Edward McKnight     Franklin Pierce
Edward R. Murrow     Frank Parker
Edward Sanford     Frank Powell
Edward Stanley     Frank Pine
Edward Stokes     Frank Stanton
Ed Wilson     Frank Stewart
Edwin English     Frank W. Smith
Edwin Stacey     Frank Teisling
Edwin Stanton     Fred Crory
Edwin Wesson Dragoon     Frederick Beerstecher
Edwin Wooley     Frederick McLaughlin
Ed Wozenski     Frederick Miller
Ed Zonne     Frederick Washausen
E.E. Bradley     Fred Gurdes
E.E. Stubbs     Fred Hornbeck
E.G. Albers     Fredrick Benteen
E.J. Heurmann     Frederick Reincke
E.J. Langrish     Fredrick Smith
E.J. Rebbeth     Fredrick Von Oppen
E.J. Steptoes     Fred Roff
E. Lee Trimble     Fred Thacker
Elfago Baca     Freeman Bull
Elisha King Root     Fred Sutcliff
Elizabeth Thompson     Fred Sutton
Elmer Keith     Fred W. Lees
El Paso Prostitutes     Friedich Kruger
Elvis Presley     F. Schenck
E.L. Waters      
Elwell Otis      
Emiliano Zipata      
Emmett Dalton      
Emmy Goring      
Emporer Maximilian      
E. Newdigate      
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