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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
Page 1
C and D
Caldwell Colt Clara Long
Dale Robertson
Calvin Coolidge Clark Gable   David Foster
Captain Edward Ward Claudius King   Dallas Stooudenmire
Captain Feilding Clay Cooper   Dalton Gang
Captain Fred Dodge Clayton Moore   Daniel Dyer
Carl Hayden Clell Miller   Daniel Beard
Carlos Gove C.L.F. Robinson   Daniel Stricker
C. Boetticher Clint Peoples   Daniel Wesson
C.C. Hunter Clyde Barrow   D.A. Powell
C.C. Manning Coast Alden United Merchant   Daniel Peixotto
C.E. Gennerich Cole Younger  
Dan White
Charles A. Farnsworth Colonel Cairpe   David L. Postlethwaite
Charles Albert Colonel Candido Randon   David McDonald
Charles Askin Colonel Gzowski   David Tatae
Charles Brand Colonel O'Mahoney   David Terry Williams
Charles Breckenridge Copper Queen Mining Co.   David Whepley
Charles Cody Cornelius Riley   Dean Andrews
Charles Cornelius Cornelius Roosevelt   Dean Young
Charles Cutter Count of Valmeseda   Decatur Bankers Assoc
Charles Gabriel C.P. Fleming   Deer Gun
Charles Garrgotta Crow Dog   Desmond Deane
Charles Goodnight Curly Bill   D.H. Ross
C.H. Bates C.S. Rutter   Dick Broadwell
C.H. Jones Cuthbert Baines   Dick Wooten
Charles Heckman C.W. Stribley   Doc Holliday
Charles Holbrook Cyrus Remington   Dog Stands On Hill
Charles Holbrook 2     D.H. Pond
Charles Holden     Dominic Graczewski
Charles Hughes     Donald Douglas
Charles Ilfeld     Donald Forrest
Charles J. Denholm     Donald V. Forest
Charles Kelly     Donald Washburn
Charles Lesh     Don Castilla
Charles Loud     Don Excmo
Charles M. Allen     Don Jose Laureano Sanz
Charles Miller     Dot & Ernie Lind
Charles Milliken     Driscole Derringer
Charles O'Regan     Duke Constantine
Charles Ostrum     Duke Michael
Charles Patterson     Dutch Henry
Charlie Russell     D.W. Cahill
Charles Sawtelle      
Charles Snyder      
Charles Stockbridge      
Charles Windolph      
Charley Hanks      
Charlie Pitts      
Charlie Reynolds      
Charlie Utter      
Custer Little Big Horn Guns      
Cherokee Bill      
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal      
Chester Nimitz      
Chester Smith      
Chick Moss Gang      
Chris Madsen      
Christiana Hull      
Christian Sharps      
Christopher Brand      
Chuck Iverson      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 1-20      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 21-40      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 41-60      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 61-80      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 81-100      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 100-120      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 120-140      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 140-160      
Civil War Inscribed Guns 160-180      
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