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Historic Firearms and Their Owners - Include history and serial numbers.
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A and B

101 Ranch Artemus Wheeler None B. A. Angle
A. Allee Arthur A. Carvalho   B. Auer
A.A. Patton Arthur Barnes   Bass Outlaw
A.B.C. Jones Arthur Lee   Battleship Maine
Abe Lefton Arthur Primeaux   Bat Masterson
Abraham Lincoln Arthur Stuckert   B. Buckner
Abdorreza Pahlavi Arthur Ulrich   Belle Starr
A.B. Frost Arthur Wallender   Ben Bullwinkle
A. Cutler A. Ruggles   Ben Holladay
A. D. Andrews A.T. Edwards   Benito Ortega
A. E.Graff A. Tyner   Benjamin Bredin
Adam Eagle Atkinson   Ben Kilpatrick
Adams Express Audie Murphy   Ben McCulloch
Adolph Hitler Augustenens Marietta   Ben Stalker
Adolph Topperwein Augustine   Bethlehem Iron Company
A. Fred Lins Augustus Durant   B.F. Hilt
A.F. Spies A.W. Dodge   B.F. Longstreet
A.G. Spearth A. Welch   B. Fowler
A.H. Bogardus A.W. Grant   Bill Banning
A.H. Hardy A. Wilson   Bill Decker
Aid De Camp A.W. Spies   Bill Donovan
A.J. Kinsley     Bill Doolin
Akin Film Service     Bill Fossett
Albert Foster     Bill Goyette
Albert J. Goodbrod     Bill Hickock
Albert Jones     Bill Jordan
Al Capone     Billings Derringer
Al DeJohn     Bill McCauley
Alexander 2nd     Billy the Kid
Alexander Caldwell     Black Bart
Alex Cord     Black Eyed Guzman
Alf Landan     Blair Taylor
Alfonse Malin     B. N. Waters
Alfred Pleasanton     Bob Christian
Alfredo Rubalcaba     Bob Dalton
Al Graz Manuel Gonzales     Bob Lacy
A.L. Hough     Bob Ollinger
Allen A. Butler     Bob Wardsworth
Allen J. Woodcock     Bonnie Parker
Alponio Sena     Bonnie and Clyde
Al Spencer     Boots Jeffers
Alvin Karpis     Borgono Justiniano
Ambercrombie & Fitch     Brace Beemer
Ambrose Burnside     Bryan Sanders
Ambrose Piersch     Bryce Poe
Amos Price     Bub Meeks
A.M. Stanwix     Buck Garrett
Andrew Porter     Buck Jones
Andrew Cannon     Bud Brown
Andrus Naedle     Buffalo Bill Cody
Andy Adams     Burton Mossman
Angel Martinez     Butterfield Winchester Model 66
Anheuser Busch Co     B.W. Lamar
Annie Oakley      
A.O. Larkin      
Antoine Canazos      
Antoine Vollombrosa      
Antonio Caballero      
Archibald Rogers      
Archibald Rogers (2nd File)      
Archibald Smith      
Arnold Goodwin      
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