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C and D

Cane Gun 1 Colt New Model Army-Navy Canadian Industries Daigle Cane Gun
C.B. Allen Elgin Knife Pistol Colt New Pocket Model   Days Cane Gun
C.B. Holden Single Shot Rifles Colt New Police   Dead Shot Revolver
Charles Billings Knife Pistol Colt New Police Target   Deerfield Eastern Arms
Charles Buss Revolver Colt New Service   Defender Knife Pistol
Charles Warner Revolver Colt Open Top   D. E. Joslin
Charlesworth Cane Gun Colt Paterson Revolver   Delong Mule Ear
C. H. Ballard Derringer Colt Paterson Rifles   Derringer 1876
Chicago Palm Pistol Colt Pequano   Derringer Pocket Revolver
Cochran Turret Revolver Colt Police Positive   Dexter Smith Shotguns
Colt 1848 Baby Dragoon Colt Second Model Dragoon   Dickinson Derringer
Colt 1849 Pocket Model Colt Single Action Army    
Colt 1851 Navy Model Colt Single Action Army - Peacemaker    
Colt 1855 Rifles Colt Slide Action Large Frame    
Colt 1855 Root Model Colt Slide Action Medium Rifle    
Colt 1860 Army Colt Slide Action Rifles Small Frame    
Colt 1861 Navy Revolver Colt Third Model Dragoon    
Colt 1861 Navy Conversion Colt Thuers    
Colt 1861 Special Musket Colt Thuers Conversion    
Colt 1862 Navy Colt Walker Model    
Colt 1862 Police Colt Whitneyville Hartford Dragoon    
Colt 1878 Double Barrel Shotgun Commemorative Models    
Colt 1883 Shotgun Connecticut Arms Co    
Colt 1902 Military Connecticut Arms Co Lining Throwing gun    
Colt 1902 Sporting Connecticut Arms Co
Single shot Derringer
Colt 1903 Hammerless 32 Continental Arms Co    
Colt 1903 Pocket Model Cooper Pocket Revolver    
Colt 1905 Marine Corp Copeland Type 1 Pocket Model    
Colt 1908 aka Model N Cottrell Flashlight Revolver    
Colt 1908 Hammerless 380 Cowles & Son Derringer    
Colt 1909 Hammerless C.R. Alsop Navy Model    
Colt 1910 C.R. Alsop Pocket    
Colt 1911 Civilian C. R. Alsop Revolvers    
Colt 1911 Military C. S. Pettengill Revolvers    
Colt 1911 Special Army Cullen Rifle Co    
Colt Berdan Rifle Cummings & Wheeler Revolver    
Colt Bisley S.A.      
Colt Buntline Specials      
Colt Burgess Rifle      
Colt Camp Perry Target      
Colt Colteer Test      
Colt Conversions      
Colt Derringers Model 1 & 2      
Colt Double Rifles      
Colt First Model Dragoon      
Colt Fluck Dragoon      
Colt Franklin Military Rifle      
Colt Gatling Guns      
Colt Hartford English Dragoon      
Colt House Models      
Colt Laidley Military Rifle      
Colt Lightning Rifles Engraved      
Colt Model 1877      
Colt Model 1877 Double Action      
Colt Model 1878      
Colt Model 1889      
Colt Model 1900      
Colt Model Bisley      
Colt New House      
Colt New Line Revolvers      
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