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British Centerfire Calibers
Belnap Hardware Company
A.E. Graff
Colt Antique Percussion
British Centerfire Calibers
B.N. Waters
Colt Cartridge Conversions
Canadian Industries Ltd
Bub Meeks
Colt Derringer, Cloverleaf, New House, New Line
Coast to Coast Hardware
C.C. Curtis
Colt Double Barrel Shotguns - Model 1878, 1883
Colt Model 1900 & 1902
Chester Moris
Colt Model 1878 Double Action
Colt Model 1911 - 1924
Curtis LeMay
Colt Patterson
Colt Model 1911, 1937 - 1945
David Tallman
Colt Walker & Dragoon
Cotter Company Firearms
F. Meyer
Colt - Companies That Colt Shipped Firearms To
Crescent Firearms
Frank Bohatch
Firestone Tire & Rubber
Frank Delmar
Folsom Firearms
Frank North
Glenfield Firearms
F.W. Parker
Harrington & Richardson Revolvers
George Baum
Hiawatha Firearms
George Cauthen
High Standard 1956 - 1980
George Hartness
Iver Johnson Firearms
George Morgan
James Purdey Shotguns
Harry Reid
J.C. Higgins Firearms
Harvey Bailey
J.C. Penny - Foremost
Henry Holm
Klein, Mages, Marky, Katz
Henry Wheeler
Krag Rifles
Hugh O'Brian
Les Cline
Miscellaneous Manufacturers
Lillian Smith
M1 Carbines
Lone Jack Bank Robbery
Milt Jones
Montgomery Ward
Murray Bartlett
New Haven Firearms
Sergeant A. Sidebotham
Ostaco Firearms
Western Cowboy Guns
Ranger Firearms
William Smith
Remington Model 4 & 6
Remington Model 600 - 660
Remington Model 700 Classic
Remington Model 760
Remington Nylon
Sears & Roebuck
Spiegel Company
Springfield Model 1903 Military Rifles
Western Auto Revelation
Winchester Model 88
Winchester Model 1890
Winchester Model 1903
Winchester Model 1906
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