Manufactured from 1948 to 1989

Breech bolt of Marlin Model 36 previously known as Model 1936. Model 93 and Model 1893) is changed from square to round in shape and rifle is re designated as Model 336 Carbine. Also introduced were Model 336SC Sporting carbine with two-thirds magazine tube. Model 336 Rifle (24 inch barrel). and Model 336 Deluxe Rifle (checkered stock and forearm). Calibers available .30-30 and 32 Winchester Special.

Model 336 Carbine designation is
changed to Model 336C Carbine. New plastic grip cap is designated so owner's initials can be engraved on insert introduced.

The .35 Remington chambering is introduced. Special grip cap for owner's initial is discontinued.

Model 336T (Texan with a straight grip stock, square finger lever and thin forearm , and Model 336SD (Deluxe Sporting Carbine) are introduced

The 219 Zipper chambering is added to the Model 336SC Sporting Carbine.

Marlin introduces Micro-Groove rifling. Receivers of all Model 336 variations are drilled and tapped for scope mounting.


White line spacers beneath butt plate and grip cap and ramped front sight with hood are introduced.

Gold plated trigger is introduced. Top and and bottom of receiver are sandblasted to reduce glare. The 219 Zipper chambering is discontinued.


Model 336TDL (Deluxe Texan is introduced. Model 336A rifle. Model 3361D Deluxe rifle. and Model 336SD are discontinued

Model 336 Marauder (16 1/4 inch barrel in .30-30 or .35 Remington and Model 336 Magnum (.44 Magnum) are introduced in models 336SC and 336TDL are discontinued.

Model 336 Marauder. Model 336 Magnum. and 32 Winchester Special chambering are discontinued.

Model 444 in .444 Marlin is introduced with 24 inch barrel micro grove and Monte Carlo Stock with straight grip.

Made 444 in .444 Marlin is introduced with 24 inch Micro-Groove barrel and Monte Carlo style (butt stock with straight grip . Marlin 100th Anniversary commemorative with fancy wood engraved receiver octagon barrel. and medallion imbedded in to to right side of buttock is produced only during this year.

Front sight hood is discontinued. Marlin/Osborne folding leaf rear sight
is introduced. First Model 444 is discontinued and second variation designated Model 444S with 22 inch barrel and curved grip butt stock is introduced.

New Model 1895 in .45-70 with
straight grip butt stock , curved butt plate and thin forearm and square finger lever is introduced. Model 336 Zane Gray Century with octagon barrel brass butt plate and forearm cap and medallion on receiver is produced only during this year.

Model 336 with 22 inch
octagon barrel, straight grip and square finger lever is produced only during this year. Model 336A Rifle (second issue) is introduced. Wide scan hood for front sight is introduced.

Three millionth model 336 is built

Model 336 in .375 Winchester is introduced. Model 1895 butt stock is changed to curved-grip style with thin rubber pad and redesignated Model
1895S. Model 336A rifle is discontinued.

Gold-plated trigger is discontinued.

Model 336ER (extra range ) in .356 Winchester is introduced. Model 375 and Model 336T are discontinued.

Introduction of new cross bolt safety on receiver of all Model 336 variants prompted the revision of model designations accordingly : 33l6CS, 336SS, 444SS, 1895SS, etc. Model 336SS in .375 Winchester and Model 336LTS are introduced.

Model 336ER is discontinued

Model 336CS in .375 Winchester and Model 336TS are discontinued

Model 336LTS with 16 inch barrel in .30-30. straight grip butt stock square finger lever and thin fore arm is introduced

Model 336LTS is discontinued.


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