Lillian Smith
Princess Wenona
The Buffalo Bill Wild West Show

Gun known to have been presented to her .




Colt Single
Action Army

This gun was presented to Lillian Smith in 1885 . The gun has the following inscription on the back strap: " Presented to Miss Lillian Smith by Philo Jacoby Pres . of the Schuetzen Club San Francisco Mar. 15, 1885 " . The butt is marked : " The California Girl / Champion Rifle shot ." The single action has been converted to 22 caliber rimfire and the barrel shortened to 4 7/8 inches long and has mother of pearl grips . Lillian Smith was native American and was billed as " The California Huntress , Champion Girl Rifle Shot , The California Girl . The gun is after market engraved by an unknown person as a lot of the Buffalo Bill Show guns were . The wild west show offered a $10,000 prize to anyone who could out shoot Princess Wenona , no one ever claimed that prize .


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