L. L. "Les " Cline
Harold Cline

Friend of Adolph Topperwein
Guns known to have been gifted to
the Cline's by Topperwein .



Winchester Model 1892 Short Rifle

This gun has a silver plate on the right side of the stock that says : " To My Friend L. L. " Les " Cline from Ad. Topperwein April 15, 1946 . " This 1892 has a 20 inch octagon barrel in 44-40 caliber . This gun was first used on March 15, 1897 at the Union Stockyards at the Stockman's Convention. Topperwein used this rifle until he gave it to Cline in 1946 .
Smith & Wesson New Model No 3

This gun has the following inscription on the right side : " From A. D. Topperwein to Harold Cline . there is a large T engraved in the Left side plate . This gun is the one that Plinky Topperwein used to learn to shoot with . She used this pistol all over the United States and Canada in shooting exhibitions .
The gun has a 6 1/2 inch barrel with a blue finish and is in 44 S&W caliber .


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