Jefferson Davis Milton
Deputy U. S. Marshall
Deputy Sheriff
Wells Fargo Guard
U . S. Immigration officer
Guns known to have been owned by him.


Winchester Model 97 Pump Shotgun

On June 29, 1895 Jeff Milton, Frank McMahon along with George Scarbourgh were involved in a killing of a wanted New Mexico cattle rustler. Milton was born in 1861 and died on May 7, 1947 in Tombstone, Arizona. He moved to Texas at 16 years of age and worked for a short time as a cowhand and at the age of 20 joined the Texas Rangers. After 4 years with the rangers he drifted around west Texas working as a deputy sheriff. In 1884 he moved to New Mexico and worked for the Cattleman's Association as an Inspector, his next job was deputy sheriff of Socorro. In March of 1887 he was working as a mounted Customs inspector out on the New Mexico -Arizona border.
His job was to make one man patrols of the desert close to the Mexican border. He left that job in 1889 and ranched and searched for gold for a while. In 1894 the City of El Paso hired him as chief of police to clean up the crime ridden city. In 1895 in search of better wages he joined Wells Fargo as part time messenger and full time security guard. This job ended when he was shot in the arm by train robbers. In 1904 he was an agent for Chinese Exclusion act and again was in Sonora Mexico where Milton patrolled the border lands looking for smuggled Chinese. He held this job for the next 20 years and married in 1919. He retired from the immigration service in 1932 and moved to Tombstone, Arizona .

Model 1887

On February 15, 1900 the Stilles - Alvord gang attempted to hold up the Southern Pacific railroad line near Fairbanks in the Arizona territory. Lawman Jeff Milton was guarding a Wells Fargo shipment on this train. During the attempt to rob the train Milton shot and killed three fingered Jack Dunlop with the Winchester 10 gauge shotgun loaded with buck shot. Milton was wounded in the shootout, but was able to capture the 4 remaining robbers and take them into custody.

L. C.
Smith Shotgun


This side by side hammer shotgun has 20 1/8 inch barrels and is in 12 gauge, the barrel is engraved on the rib " Wells Fargo & Co Express No. 51 ". The trigger guard is inscribed in block letters". JEFF D. MILTON / DEPT. U. S. MARSHALL / EL PASO TEXAS ". Milton used this gun when he worked for Wells Fargo in the late 1800's

Colt Single Action Army

This colt revolver in 38-40 caliber , 4 3 / 4 inch barrel , blue and case colored finish and hard rubber grips
was given to Jeff Milton by the father of Dewey Ciochetti when he left Arizona in 1924 .

Colt Single Action Army


This single action army is cased in a leather covered cased with gold markings that reads " TO JEFF
SHOOTER / 44-40 4 3/4 INCH BARREL / SERIAL NO. 328993 ". The gun has a blue and case colored finish
and hard rubber grips . The back strap is inscribed " JEFF MILTON / From his friend / John C. Greenway
1916 N. M. ". Green way was a copper magnate in New Mexico and a close friend of Jeff Milton who had the gun shipped to him August 6, 1914 and returned it soon
after to have the back strap inscribed and presented it to . Milton upon it's return. Milton was involved in more shoot out's than Wyatt Earp doing his time as a law officer .

Model 1866


This rifle has the number "19" stamped on the bottom of the receiver to match Milton's badge number. Jeff Milton's name is also written under the buttplate. Documentation states that this gun belonged to Texas Ranger / Sheriff Jeff Milton, the son of the Governor of Florida. In 1877 he moved to Texas where he worked for his brother-in-law as a cowboy on a cattle ranch he saved his money and bought a horse, a "six gun" and an old .44 Winchester. Three years later he joined the Texas Rangers and reached the rank of corporal . In May, 1881 Milton and another man were accused of murdering W.P. Patterson, a cattleman living in Colorado City. He was cleared of the charges and by 1884 he was working as a deputy sheriff in Socorro County, New Mexico. While at this post he killed three Mexican gunmen. Milton moved to El Paso where he became chief of police. With his deputy, the famous George Scarborough, he killed Martin Morose, a suspected rustler. In July 1898 the two men badly wounded Bronco Bill Walters in a gunfight. In 1900 Milton was working for Wells Fargo. In one incident he killed outlaw, Jack Dunlap. Later he worked as a range detective, a prospector and an official in the Immigration Service. In 1930 he retired to Tombstone and died in Tucson in 1947. He was always known as "a good man with a gun".


* Courtesy of The "Tombstone Court House Historic Park"

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