Matt Kimes
Murderer- Bank Robber



Model 1905


Manufactured in 1905, the first year of production, this rifle reportedly once belonged to the infamous bank robber Matt Kimes and
is marked on the bottom of the stock wrist ""M. KIMES". Kimes was a murderer and bank robber whose criminal career began in the 1920s and ended in 1945 when he was run over by a poultry truck in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the time of his death Kimes was on a 6 month leave from prison (where he was serving 2 life sentences for killing a Sequoyah County Deputy and a year later the Beggs Police Chief, both during bank robberies). The leave was to show that he had reformed after 18 years in prison and to collect signatures on a petition for clemency. During the leave Kimes robbed banks and other establishments. Apparently the corrections system worked just as well then as now. This rifle reportedly was acquired by Deputy Sheriff Lee Pollack of Pitts County (Tulsa, Ok) after he captured Kime and his brother. Deputy Pollack is also credited with the capture of the infamous outlaw Henry Starr. The rifle is a standard Model 1905 with the two line address/patent dates on top of the barrel ahead of the rear sight followed by "35CAL.". The Winchester oval proof is marked on the top of the barrel and receiver at the breech, the upper tang is marked with the three line model, maker, trade mark information and the serial number is marked on the left side of the frame and receiver above and behind the trigger. Standard blade front sight and period replacement fixed rear sight. Mounted with a smooth forearm and straight grip stock with a checkered Winchester buttplate. Accompanying the rifle is a typed letter dated March 10, 1966 to Mr. Pollack from a Carl Breihan thanking him for the use of a photo in connection with the Henry Starr book he was doing and asking permission to use a letterPollack had sent him. The bottom of the letter is a hand written response from Pollack giving permission.



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