Samuel Colt's
Firearms Plant In Hartford, CT.

The following pictures of the famous Colt manufacturing plant as it
stands today in a very much deteriorated condition. The area is being redeveloped and the national park Service is looking at making it a museum. If you feel that this site should be preserved contact your Congressman and Senator and demand that it be saved and restored as a museum. The blue dome which is the original one has been restored, the horse is a reproduction, the original is in the State Library in Hartford, Connecticut.

The State library also has some wonderful guns and is what is left after the plundering of the collection by an ex employee and is still a must see.


Colt's original plant before the famous fire.
Keys for power house at top.


The front door where the best firearm makers in the world entered to work.

Above the original horse of the blue dome and a desk set from a Colt executives desk.
The Great Western Arms Company was the last company to occupy the building and moved out some years ago.

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